Wheelchair accessibility

So our house has 36 inch wide hallways. According to the internet, they would fit a wheelchair, but I don’t know about navigating the 90 degree turn to get to the bathroom…Should I say something in my listing? Is this just like a concern that is unlikely to be a problem? Will people for whom this is a concern ask about it before booking?

A 90º angle requires more clearance than 36". If you state that your place is wheelchair assessable, then they might not ask about the details. There are additional details that must be addressed such as grab bars in the bathroom, a wheelchair shower, an oven and cooktop that is wheelchair friendly, dishes that can be reached from a lower angle. It is a complicated thing for someone who is truly wheelchair dependent, but might be easier if it is someone who uses a wheelchair but can be self mobile for short distances.

I believe that @GutHend is an expert in this field.

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I didn’t say anywhere in my description that it is wheelchair accessible- is there a checkbox for that?

Yes. There is a checkbox, under amenities I think.When you check this, you must truly be wheelchair assessable.

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Huge difference between “wheelchair accessible” and “ADA compliant”.

I wouldn’t mention wheelchairs unless you’ve had the place checked and approved.

Check with your local wheelchair accessibility organization or Americans with Disabilities Act group to find out about getting certified (I believe it’s a free inspection).

I doubt there is any way the house would qualify for either. I will definitely leave the box unchecked. I just worry about people see the pics and think it would be fine, but then they get here and can’t get down the hallway becuase they are narrower than some houses.

No one would assume that they could be wheelchair dependent in a house that doesn’t state otherwise without asking. I think that this is an unfounded fear.

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Excellent. That makes me feel better. Just getting nervous about potential issues before I go live with my listing. Thank you!

@janeandcharley. You are welcome.