Wheel Chair Ramps

Hosts…How many hosts uses VRBO as well?

Small businesses are exempt from parts of the ADA, but they still need to provide reasonable accommodations to customers with disabilities. Your post seems designed to be provocative. The idea that every home has to be remodeled is so ludicrous that I don’t understand the point of your post. It sounds like you are just pissed about service animals.


That was EXACTLY the way I also interceded his post. There’s a section in the listing accessibility questions so that folks needing these types of spaces can find what they need.

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You do know that Airbnb doesn’t own the properties? Or maybe you don’t judging by your comments.

For your information hosts are running independent businesses and Airbnb is an advertising platform. Have you ever known an advertising platform invest millions in their advertisers’ businesses?

Now you see how nonsensical your post was, I hope.

Note that the original post was edited to delete the post that later posters were replying to.