What's your booking rate?

I’m at 1.2% booking rate with 729 views.

Fairly low I’d think but been told that 1% - 2% is normal.

And you?

It’s down to 4% 374 views.

I don’t know whether to believe what Airbnb reports, and I’ve not attempted my own calculations, but the rate they display for my listing usually fluctuates between 0.7% and 1%. Maybe sometimes a bit lower or higher, but that’s the normal range.

At the moment mine is 0% with 145 views

Haven’t had an Airbnb booking in more than 30 days now usually it’s about 1.2%.

Mine hovers around 1.2% in the summer, not had a booking for 3 months which is the norm for this time of year.

Large differences… while irrelevant numbers, still interested to know why some get 12% and some 1%.