What's your biggest problem, after getting more bookings?

As a NY Airbnb Host, what’s the biggest problem, besides generating more bookings, that you often encounter and wish someone would solve it for you?
I know many of you are listed on several platforms, not just on Airbnb.

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I can’t say there is only one problem, but small ones. For example, sometimes there is quite a difference between the way the house/apartment looks before guests arrive and after they leave.

Also I wish I could it would be so much easier with the key. Too much of a hussle sometimes, as I am part of a travel start-up and I m quite busy with this.


One of the biggest problems I have seen is that hosts don’t both to read information on BNB around how it works ranging from cancellation settings to setting house rules, from verifying guests to what to do if there is a problem with a guest.

For a key if you don’t want to be there when guests arrive use an electronic key entrance or have a key lock.

Happy hosting

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Hi Helsi,
Thanks a lot for the message, but unfortunately I cannot seem to understand the first part of it. Could you please be more specific? Is it that guests don’t read the house rules? Is that what you are facing with your guests more?

The first part of my response related to why hosts (particularly new hosts) experience problems. Isn’t that what you were asking about?

I said that HOSTS not guests don’t. bother to read information (although guests often don’t either) on BNB before setting up their business. This in turn leads to them having problems with the system and with guests.

In terms of houses rules I said HOSTS don’t set proper house rules which in turn leads to problems for example around whether extra guests will be charged for.

I don’t face these issues with guests because I took the time to read how BNB works, have clear house rules and spend time getting to know my guest before confirming a booking. Of course even hosts who set things up properly and put proper checks and balances in place can encounter issues with difficult or not very nice guest - but it certainly minimises the risks.

What’s the context of your question @LauraE are you a new host in NY?

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I understand now. Thanks for clarifying!
I spent time setting up my house rules, extra charge for extra people, so people still want to book my place.

So, I guess while you those face these problems, everything works great on your end with the Airbnb listing.
Yes, pretty new. Trying to figure out how to improve based on other people’s experiences.

Since nobody has said anything except for you, I guess there are no major problems that I should be aware of.

I wouldn’t assume that at all Laura - if you read these forums you will find many people have experienced horrific problems and also financial ones .

Take a look at the Community Centre on BNB you will see thousands of posts with hosts who have experiences a range of issues both with guests and BNB :frowning:

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I was just doing that right now. Thanks for the advice!
Hopefully I’ll prepare myself for future issues/ situations.

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Also have a look at other listings near you - what they charge and their guests rules and descriptions - it helps you to understand what to include but also how to make your listing stand out.

Don’t take any notice of the pricing BNB recommends - it’s far too low - go by what others with comparable properties are doing.


My biggest problem after getting more bookings is the turnover and cleaning. I’m just renting a private room/private bath, so not commanding a great price, certainly not enough to expect guests to be willing to pay a cleaning fee that would allow me to either hire a cleaning person or to completely reimburse me for my time spent cleaning. I despise the intense cleaning. When renting out an entire unit–home, apartment, condo, it may not be such an issue.

Reading the forums about bad guests/bad hosts will not only be entertaining, it will also give you an idea of what to watch out for. Here are some of the problems that I’ve noticed take hosts by surprise:

  • Guests sneaking in more people than they book for.
  • Guests who want to cancel, but don’t want to pay the airbnb fees, so they ask the hosts to cancel. Some hosts do this, trying to be nice, but unaware that they are totally screwing themselves in the process. Not only do you either lose Superhost status or are prevented from attaining it, but you can get charged for it, depending on when you cancel. (Here are the rules.)
  • Guests not complying with check-out procedures; The lesson here is to be overly communicative. That doesn’t mean overly verbose. Have very simple, clear check-out procedures. Tell guests when you check them in, then remind them the day before in a pleasant message.
  • Linens, towels, cleaning. Figure out a system that works for you and that you can afford, and stick with it.

I could go on, but is this the type of thing you’re asking about?