What's your backup plan?

I have secretly wondered how in the world people manage multiple listings. I guess with PM companies? I have read some of you say you pay a friend or neighbor nearby.

I am admittedly OCD about cleanliness and things being in their place (or me putting them back in their place). It’s hard for me to be hands-off.

Even with my helper, I have to double-check, and she is good. But, sometimes she doesn’t notice maintenance items, for example, that I would not notice either unless I cleaned that area myself.

Fortunately, I like the challenge of getting the laundry looking new and the house back to square 1. But I need a backup plan, even beyond my helper because she isn’t always available.

For those of you who clean/manage yourselves, do you have a backup plan (other than an active co-host)?

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I have a cleaning team of 5 including me and I have 4 listings. If there is a possibility of all 4needing to be done I work out which will be empty first and which will be lasted in. I start the laundry as soon as that early leaving guest has shut the door. I go ahead stripping beds and then circle back to do my bit.
We are then in 2 teams and we go!
Latest in is last done and then I go through the houses and 2x check from first in!
If I have enough notice I have blocked a day after.

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Impressive @Debthecat ! And your full team is always available? I find it hard to schedule my helper confidently as I don’t have restrictions on checkout days so it can be any day of the week. I guess with 4 listings you can guarantee them regular work.

They only work for me. All retired ladies. All are given as much advance notice as possible.
Often repeat guests… so have a good idea of how the place will be left.


I prepare the two apartments myself (cleaning and the detailing) but have a full online manual to help anyone I might have to call in to take my place.

It is a precise document of how to prepare the apartments. It has a lot of photographs to show exactly how the pillows should be arranged on the bed, how the stocked fridge should look, how the toiletries are arranged, how the towels are folded etc. etc. etc.

Because these are online, my emergency stand in can look at them on their phones during preparation.

When I was in hospital for a few months (me, the healthiest person on the planet :roll_eyes: ) this online guide was invaluable to ensure the preparation standards I require.


Clearly, I need to take this first step. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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I have never hired help officially but I do slip my granddaughter a few bucks to help me. I oriented her to my expectations, but I also made a very detailed checklist for her that seems to really help.