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What's the strangest thing a guest has left behind?

Apart the huge amount of hair (!) usually left everywhere, I have had lubricant and today a pregnancy test! I personally would have put both in the main bin so not seen but maybe that’s just me.

Happily, many guests leave food, wine or beer :slight_smile: One couple left two bottles of champagne.

We don’t eat meat or fish so our neighbours have often benefitted when guests have left sausages, cold cuts, burgers or whatever. Some guests have also (deliberately) left things that they’ve bought for the beach but don’t want to carry home on the plane. One guest left a really nice t-shirt that I have been wearing regularly ever since :slight_smile:

But the oddest thing I’ve found - which isn’t really strange I suppose - was the plastic wrapper from a syringe. It said on the wrapper ‘for diabetics’. I really hope that this was the case!

Instead of starting a new thread, why not continue this one?

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Because we love posting on the same topics again and again :slight_smile: duvets, kettles, Asians… They’re like the “diet issue” of magazines, people could keep the same old copy each spring but they buy a new one :slight_smile:

I have boring guests who don’t leave strange things. Only food and toiletries.


Clearly this site is not organized for information retrieval. It’s more like the water cooler at work.


Nothing really. Been left a bottle of chardonnay. Oat cookies. Microwave dinner. Lol just mainly food really.

A pair of young girls from California left a trash bag full of dirty underwear :anguished:


Vacuum pack them and sell online. Haha plenty of people who would buy them. Haha :joy:


My mother’s best friend always did this when she traveled. She packed her oldest underwear, bras and t-shirts and deposited as she went so that her bag had more room to bring new things home with her.


That is so Orange Is The New Black!


Only if they’re sold with poolside photos of the girls

Was the test positive? (Two lines)

Is that what they were doing? Not thrilled that they chose me to do the depositing for them. I think I washed my hands like eighty times afterwards. Gross.

This friend deposited her clothes in plastic bags, tied at the top, and put into a bin. These young people just left them lying about?

No they were in a trash bag…along with other things that needed to be sorted for recycling. It all had to come out.

Edited to add: I do have recycling bins but they completely ignored them and put everything into one bag

a got a grill devise left at my patio :slight_smile:

Hey @Marina did that fellow ever book with you again?

Yeah, I remember that story was a strange one. I remember he said ‘see you again,’ and you were thinking, “in your dreams!” :smile:

Sorry didn’t look for a similar thread to post on. My first time using a forum. Apologies.
It was a clear blue so it’s writing but it had gone as they were there 4 days so they fade after 2.

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