What's the easiest way to research what cleaning fees are charged by the competition?

I’m a new host, and I’ve read multiple threads about cleaning fees. One thing I haven’t seen is whether or not there is an easy way to research what the average cleaning fee is in my area. Obviously, I know I can click on lots of individual listings, make notes, and average what I find, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way. (I like the general data I’ve seen on AirDNA, but I haven’t paid for there enhanced research package…)

You know, the way to do it is figure out how long the cleaning takes you times $25 per hour. That is about the going rate. That’s about what you should charge your guest.

Looking at the competition will be pointless because every Airbnb is different from every other Airbnb,


This month is the first time I started charging a cleaning fee of $10 per booking for private room reservations. I list 3 rooms, had about 45 bookings last month with over 80% being for one night. So lots of labor with no cleaning fee collected. So far this month after adding the fees, I have less bookings but my total revenue is on track to match last month or even be higher. I have had 1 booking for 10 days and 2 bookings for 5 days each and still almost 100% booked on weekends. Net result is less labor on my part, longer stays on avg. and possible more revenue.
I am having better success than when I charged a higher daily rate with no cleaning fee…but it has only been a couple of weeks so I would try one price for 2 weeks or a month, and then change it up and track again to see what makes the most sense for you in your market with your listing.
I have over 100 reviews total so this might not work if you are new; build a track record before you start raising prices.


Best way is to average some of the cleaning fees you see around your area for equivalent spaces. No easy way, just do it. As Konacoconutz sez every rental is different. We could never charge $25/hr x 4 hours it takes me here on the Gulf Coast. Oh, we could, but we’d lose booking because of it, I’m sure. I’ll have to ask my partner’s housecleaning lady what she would charge.

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My advice would be to not worry about the competition :slight_smile:

People will stay with you for their own reasons and as others have said, every rental is different. You will drive yourself nuts if you worry about what others in your area are doing and it will take up way too much of your time.

There are several STRs on our short street (one is the apartment next door to our rental) and they range in price and facilities so much.

Take for example the apartment next to our rental. We have better views, they have a better kitchen, they have bikes for guests to use, we don’t, we meet and greet all guests personally, they don’t, they leave vodka and brandy for their guests, we don’t. Yet the apartments are exactly the same size with the same layout and, of course, they have the same location, parking facilities, laundry, common areas etc.

Truly, I would drive myself crazy if I compared our rental to theirs.

If guests want great views from their apartment, the knowledge that they have an onsite manager etc, then they stay with us. If they want a good kitchen, bikes and booze, they stay at the neighbouring place.