What's the best strategy for guest bringing extra guests

Guest booked for 3 nights for himself

Last night (9pm) the guest went out… He arrived at 6am with two strangers. Evidence captured in 4K.

Our house rules state ‘no unregistered guests’ and
the max occupancy at our Airbnb is two people. If guests exceed the maximum, we charge an extra fee.

The guest is departing this afternoon.

In this situation, is it possible to

  1. Review the guest and wait for them to hopefully review me with 5 stars

  2. Then notify Airbnb of the violation in order to recoup the fees

Are you allowed to wait (potentially) two weeks before notifying Airbnb of rule violations? Or do you have to notify them right away?

Is there a better strategy to employ?

I would notify immediately and let AirBnB know that you will be charging them. Charge them after the review or review period, whichever is shorter.


I just dealt with a similar unregistered guest issue, but didn’t have the extra charge issue. I dealt with it upfront with the guest and have made a point of having cordial conversations with her since. I’d talk about it now rather than deal with it completely online later. Be sure the guest was informed about the camera ahead of time.


Knock on the door and speak with the guest. Tell them that your license and insurance is only valid for X number of guests. Make a note of this conversation on the Airbnb message too - immediately.


I doubt that any host recoups extra person fees unless the guest agrees to pay, and there is much more likelihood of that if it is dealt with the moment you become aware that there are undisclosed guests.

Airbnb does not enforce payment for breaking of house rules, only for damages. Hosts are expected to enforce their house rules.

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I have had similar situations a few times.
I have always just contacted the guest right away(through Airbnb message) and let them know that I noticed extra guest. And request the fee. Never an issue. They have all been apologetic. And have paid the fee. And still left great reviews.

This may be controversial in the host community, but unless they are just egregiously violating the guest limit, I would let it go, and mention in your final message with them that you chose not to charge them for the extra guests. My thought is what’s more important: the $50 extra guest fee, or the 5 star review?

Letting guests get away with stuff in fear of a bad review is one reason that guests push the boundaries. Too many hosts are far too attached to 5 star reviews.


I agree there needs to be accountability for sure, but for minor infractions that do not end up affecting you (in this case, it depends on if there were special requests made in light of the extra guests) the reviews are more important than the little income boost.

I agree with letting little things go, as in not being nitpicky with guests. But when it comes to ignoring house rules and guest counts, it isn’t a matter of a “little income boost”. It’s about not letting guests think it’s okay. If one host lets them get away with it, with no repercussions (speaking to them about it during the stay or in private feedback afterwards, leaving an honest review that mentions their transgressions), the guests will go on to do the same things at the next place they stay.

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