What's that all about?!

Saw this on Craig’s List:

Will help you make 100 usd with airbnb

Thanks for your interest. Here is how it works:

  1. Create airbnb account and listing, those are 2 steps. Click “become a host”. Upload nice pictures. You will not be hosting anyone, just creating the listing.
  2. Receive 25 usd (cash in person, paypal, venmo, etc) within 24 hours of listing creation
  3. Couple more steps
  4. Receive another 25 usd
  5. Down the line you can make more money

I will guide you through the whole process and i am available any time.
Please go ahead with a first step if you want to proceed!

I was thinking he’s trying to pocket the referral money but if I’m not mistaken, Airbnb gives it to you ONLY if your referral booked.

@Oded. Do you think that this is a posting from AirBNB?

This sounds like a very obvious scam. In fact, a scammer looking for scammers to scam!! Can you reply to it (obviously with a temp email address or whatever) and see what happens?
Also, you could report it to Airbnb.

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I do not (although it would be very clever).

What’s obvious about it? I tend to agree on the scam but not sure how it would work…

I can DM you the link if you’d like to reply to it.

LOL!! Obvious as in if I wave a big red flag in front of your face and say ‘can you see this jocking great big red flag that I’m shoving up your nose’.
Yes, please do pm the link!

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There are a large number of varieties of the scam, but basically, someone with a “clean” history posts pictures provided to them from someone else. For a while, Languadoc, France was particularly popular. These are highly desirable properties, however neither the scammer nor the lister have any ownership. They just rip stuff off. The scammer, who controls the listing, lists it for a good, but not ridiculously low price. But there is a problem. They get the booker to move off-platform. Western Union is often involved. The booker arrives on the scheduled day and there is no vacation rental and they are out thousands of dollars. By that time, the scammer is long gone.

As the lister, you have committed fraud for a measly $100.00.

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A bit off topic, but I hve been curious about this for a while. Airbnb is offering me $200 for new host (who has to actually host within a certain time frame) - interestlingy enough…for new hosts, not guests …

Anybody with a higher number?

Same here. Since most people I know live in my town I’m not too interested in increasing my competition so I don’t think I’ll be using it. Although the guy who installed my security cameras said he told his brother about airbnb and encouraged him to do it. So I should have given him my referral code.

What does the new host get once they’ve hosted? Anything?

Doesn’t say…but Referred Host has 150 days from invite to complete and booking must be at least 100$ …

Have seen 2 Airbnb scamming stories in the newspaper this week. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11970696

Sadly, there seems no end to the ingenious ways some people will find to behave appallingly …


@anomaly14 I don’t know how anything described in that article is technically possible. A live chat on Airbnb? A lot of stuff in that story sound fishy.

Offering me $300.


It makes sense they would offer someone with a higher priced place more.