Whats on the 1099 Airbnb files

Whats on the 1099 Airbnb files?
I assume the nightly rate is on the 1099. However is the cleaning fee on it? What about the Airbnb fee that Airbnb holds out?

Yes, the cleaning fee is included as is the Airbnb service fee. 1099s are supposed to be issued for gross income, not net income. However, 1099s are only issued to hosts who have earned over $20,000.00 and had over 200 reservations in the year.


Everything Ellen says and one other thing. Any damages or other moneys that you received through resolution center. So if someone broke your table and Air paid out $300 for a new one, this is thrown into the pile as income. You have to remember to deduct it as a reimbursement, not income.

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Thank y’all!!!

Has everyone received their 1099?? Only over 20k??

Yes, you get a 1099 only if Airbnb paid you $20,000 or more.

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I only wish they’d send me one.:cowboy_hat_face:


Safe to assume they notify the irs of your earnings<><>??? where is the meagerness line, @ 20K??? I thought the 1099 line is 1k…

In a lot of situations it’s $600 or more. But not with Airbnb, for some reason.

I think it has to do with contractor vs self employed. It’s not just Airbnb, Rover the dog care company doesn’t issue one either.

I’m confused. Contractors are self-employed. Aren’t they?

Never mind. I increasingly don’t really know what I’m saying half the time.

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Contractors are paid by companies so not exactly self-employed but not an employee of that company. Important distinction when it comes to benefits, withholding taxes and social security, etc.

Massachusetts and Vermont require AirBnB to send 1099’s for anything over $600, but those are the only two states I am aware of. I made over $78K and have yet to see my 1099 on the phone app, computer or in the mail as of yesterday and this early morning. Good thing I keep excellent records.

Friday the 31st is the soonest you’ll probably see them as that is their deadline.