What's legal and illegal to say in your profile

can i legally say something like, “I am not religious” or “I hate people who like Hitler?”

Of course you can, but why would you?

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I mean, can I then say things like, I don’t rent to illegal immigrants or gun owners? Or people who believe in space aliens? btw i share space in my home

You’d have to talk to an attorney about these examples. As gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment, I doubt that it would be legal to deny gun owners the right to stay in your listing. The people on this board who have studied the laws regarding gun ownership can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that you can make no firearms on the premises one of your rules. Do you really want to check the immigration status of your guests? I’m pretty sure that you can’t deny people because of what they believe. It seems like a violation of the First Amendment which is my favorite one.

Well just because gun ownership is protected, does that mean I can take a firearm to school or Walmart or onto other private property? I don’t know…I’m asking.

As for the other question… I think you are on a slippery slope. I don’t know why you would want to discriminate against illegal immigrants? How many do you get anyway? Is that going to be another house rule?

Must be a citizen of the U.S. Or show green card.

You know you can’t :slight_smile:

I think that it would be fair to say that you don’t allow guns in your home (someone correct me if I’m wrong) especially as you’re on the premises. Poor illegal aliens - you wouldn’t rent to E.T.?

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So how long do we have to wait before you get to the point? Are you opposed to undocumented persons renting your airbnb room or is it something else?


I have guests from all over the world and I’m certainly not going to check their visa status.


I said that I don’t believe that hosts can forbid gun owners, but I believe that hosts can forbid guns.

Not only that, for travel from many countries you don’t need a visa to enter the U.S. as a tourist.

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Hey, legal immigrants are fine! I’m saying illegal ones. Wait…do I sound like Donald Trump? Horrors.

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Um, yes you do sound like Donald Trump. I don’t understand how you would check on whether guests were immigrants or were born in the U.S. and if they were born outside of the U.S. how you would check if they are here legally. Most people who stay in Airbnb listings are tourists so immigration isn’t an issue.


How come none of you have objected to my comment about space aliens yet?

Nothing wrong with space aliens :slight_smile: as long as they’re clean and quiet.

So if (for example) you have an English person who had overstayed their tourist visa (which I think is 3 months) you wouldn’t rent to them?

I did. “I’m pretty sure that you can’t deny people because of what they believe. It seems like a violation of the First Amendment which is my favorite one.”

No, I wouldn’t because currently my max. night’s stay is 3 to 5 nights!

No, you misunderstand me, I think. Let’s say that someone from the UK has been in the States for three months on a roadtrip. Their visa has expired. They want to book with you for three nights. Why would it bother you?

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You don’t exactly look so legal, yourself, cs2015! Can you show us your papers?


What do you mean, I don’t look legal?

Huh? cs is a moderator on this site. Note the shield.