What's in a name

Advice please… we have a charming cabin but it is in a very remote location. I have been very clear all across the listing that there are challenging mountain roads to navigate, but y’know, people don’t read - so sometimes they are surprised by the roads. To be fair, when people do arrive, they do love the remote and private location up in the forest. I was thinking of changing the actual listing name, to be super clear, to something like ‘secluded cabin’. But I’m concerned this has negative connotations. Any thoughts, or synonyms, to positively / fairly convey the location?


“Secluded” doesn’t carry any negative connotations to me, and seems like it would attract those who are looking for just that. But I think using that wording would give the wrong impression about your listing, as you say in your description to be respectful of neighbors and “secluded” would indicate to me that there are no close neighbors. I would picture a cabin all by itself in the middle of nowhere, rather than a development of homes, even if there is a lot of space and privacy between them.

If I were you, I would say in the first part of your description something like: “PLEASE READ all the information in the “Other things to note” section below before booking this property”.

Also I would have a saved message to send to guests when they book or request, reinterating the road conditions, which, if I understand correctly, seems to be the issue you are having some trouble with.

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We have the same problem - the roads to our place are horrid. It’s mentioned frequently in our reviews. I also send the guests a note after they book with comments about the road. Once in awhile we get dinged on location - but they love, love, love the location after they get there and realize the drive is worth it.

One of our early guests said “The road is bad, but, as everyone knows, the road to heaven is never easy”. Maybe you could use something like that in your title or beginning part of your listing description.

On a side note, we had a guest a few years ago that we don’t want to come back. So when they wanted to return last year and asked if the roads had been fixed, I exaggerated a bit and said the roads were even worse than before. Never heard back from them again!

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I agree with @muddy “secluded” is neutral to me. You might also like “Cozy Seclusion.” Consider adding a note about the challenging route in your automated messages upon inquiry or booking confirmation.


What a beautiful place. I believe your description is enough to tell guests about the road. Maybe change check in during the winter months to 3pm if you can? More daylight time to get there.
I have a little trailer in the redwoods as well.
Someone is going to comment about the mtn roads. Its part of the charm.


That’s a great suggestion. Don’t think I can automate it but I think I’ll do it now through April, trade off the risk of not being able to get the cleaning done in time to do same-day changeovers. Thanks, MtnGal.


Show a photo of the worst part of the road. Caption it as such. Is it paved? Say if a sports car or some other type of car is needed or not advised. Does it snow there? Personally, I’m fearful of almost any road in the snow.
We have a steep paved road, but I lead guests up here. I often think of flatlander guests following me that never have driven a mile with a rise of 600’. One lady arrived in tears!