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What would you say is a "laptop friendly workspace?

Personally I like to throw myself down on the couch and have the computer on my lap. I work like this all the time. But what do you think a guest is expecting when we have checked “laptop friendly workspace” in facilities. Is a small table and a regular chair ok, or has it to bee a desk and an office chair?

I think that any table and chair is OK as long as it has appropriate lighting and is close to a power outlet.


Table or table type desk with a light and a powerstrip. Does not need a fancy desk chair.

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I have to have a table of any sort and a chair with power nearby. I use my laptop for everything, even to recharge my phone.

Table/ desk, chair, close to plug socket, maybe a light. What else could anyone want or need?

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My definition of laptop friendly is perhaps a higher bar. I expect a desk that is big enough to have my work list and a note pad to the right of the machine. The chair should be at least a “secretary” chair or a really good sturdy dining room chair that is the correct height for the table. There should be power right there with a surge protector [if you have any variation in the amount of power] and bonus points for an open shelf where I can place my bags, adapters, extra cords, and bag.


Thank’s for the input. The socket is there, and I will install a better lamp. The open shelf is also a good idea!

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