What would you rate my AirBnb listing? 1-10

If you were looking for a rental, what would you rate my listing based on "curb appeal?"
Here’s my listing - QuanticoAirBnb.com




Love that you have the floorplan. I haven’t seen people do that before.

I agree.

For me, and I’ve shopped airbnb a lot - to many photos. I don’t need a photo of the dish soap and sponge, or facial stuff, or your cool lamp. Shopping listings is exhausting and I need to see the important points and move on (or stay). I’m looking at dozens of listings at a time and short on time. I’d get to maybe photo 20 on your listing and move on. Two photos of the bathroom is perfectly adequate. There’s another thread about photos.


The place looks gorgeous! It is ridiculously cheap though - I imagine you’re booked all the time. I agree about there being too many photographs, plus there is a lot of repetition in the copy but otherwise it looks great, Just too much text to plough through.

At that price for a full apartment it’s a 9.5 of 10. It looks new/newly remodeled? I’m assuming it’s a low price to get some reviews? At up to $15 a night more it’s still 9.5. As you went up from there the value score would drop, i.e., if it were $85 I’d rate it a 8.5. It looks like a very nice neighboorhood as well. I agree about reducing the number of pictures. Good luck to you.

Hey Izzy. Looks a nice place. Like potential guests, I didn’t go through your entire listing nor look at your video. Nor look at the other 77 photos. (Sounds too many for a start)

What hit me straight up was the use of your listing photos. Ie, the main shot then the other 4. I believe you are wasting your appeal with the current four photos. Floor plan is nice, but this is not what I want to see. Instead, put up a photo of your best bedroom, your kitchen, bathroom. These are the main things that concern guests. At present you have two shots of a glass doorway? And a similar shot to your main living room. And a floor plan which doesn’t mean much to me. If I am going to a restaurant, I want to see a nice photo of the meal I am going to perhaps consume. Not a bland recipe which is basically what the floor plan is.

The reference to a video is good, but to be honest, you have to hook me in first so I even bother to have to go elsewhere to look for a video. Use those first 5 photos to capture me. If I am then interested, then I can delve further.

By the way, check out the site called floorplanner.com for a nicer floor layout.

And yes, I am being a little harsh, but you asked to be rated. Sorry. But my rating at present (on your presentation). 3 out of 10. I really want to see you get to at least 9 out of 10 and am sure the suggestions from this forum will propel you towards this. Keep us all posted on your progress.

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Oh and one last thing. “Private Zen Oasis”. Sorry, but what does that mean to me as a potential guest? It may sound cool, but lets try and make it more practical. I understand what you are trying to portray (maybe) but nothing else correlates to this description.

Okay. You had me intrigued. I did look up the video. 14 minutes? This put me off straight away. I scanned through the first few minutes. I suggest to have more impact, cut it down to 2 minutes maximum. I repeat MAXIMUM! One minute would be even better. I have used videos to promote accommodation over many years and all my stats support the assumption that less is more. Think of advertisments on television. Very few go over 30 seconds and they are quite effective.

By the way, the place looks awesome, but I am trying to focus on your description and listing.

You also have to think about Google. Your listing will show up in search engines even if you don’t mention the location (Airbnb sees to that) however the title of the listing could be more search engine friendly. Is anyone going to search for ‘zen oasis accommodation’? Maybe, but it’s a little limiting.

Definitely front-load the important photos. One–maybe two–for each room. Anyone interested in seeing more will keep clicking through.

Description is nice but I would leave out the references to the foreman and the crock pot available. It’s just not necessary. No one is going to expect that, and no one is going to book/not book because of it.

I would also maybe rethink the order of amenities. Think about what’s most important to your target traveler and put that first. :blush:

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Wow! I really appreciate all the feedback! I wanted honest and that’s what you gave me. Now I can only improve from here. There are still things I want to upgrade in the apt, like paint, better sofa, etc. I agree with Clyde’s comments – I thought every little detail provided would make for a happier guest but I can tweek it. Same with the photos. I will take your comments and put implement what works for this home. One question: what color, if any, should I paint a wall or whole the entire living room so that would really be awesome?

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I would pull one of the greens from your floral artwork, lighten it up, and just paint one wall that color. Perhaps the wall behind the TV which is what the guests will be looking at when they use the sofa? Fair Warning: I very often need to paint walls a second time since the first time the color isn’t what I had in my head.

What they all said … gorgeous place but lose several of the photos.

I had to plough all through your dishwashing liquid and pots and pans before I got to the really beautiful bedroom which only comes in at number 29! If I’m flicking through lots of listings I’d have lost interest before I got there, which would have been a shame …

Oh, and incidentally, that rug in the living room is stunning!

Thanks, bought it at a local rug dealer in VA. I loved it when i saw it.

OOH I like that!!! Never thought of that or maybe I did, Don’t know but thanks!