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What Wi-Fi related issues have you experienced with your guests?



Hey everyone! I’m a host in NYC and I’m finding that one of my consistent pain points is managing Internet access and usage for my guests. So I’m building a product to protect hosts in case their guests access illegal content, use too much bandwidth, or violate any other terms set forth in the house manual.

Additionally, this product will have the capability to automatically conduct speed tests and make this information available for prospective renters. Thus reducing the potential for negative reviews and refund requests due to a mismatch between a renter’s requirements and a host’s capabilities.

I would love to connect with other hosts to understand how they are currently handling any of these concerns, and if you see a value or risk in a guest knowing the Wi-Fi speeds before booking. I’m not selling anything. Just looking for some advice. Thank you!


That ranks near the bottom of my list, not a problem at all.

No value to me. I’ve had no complaints from guests about our internet speed and I don’t have any complaints about guests. It’s easy enough to check out internet speed if need be on a website. I’ve only had one guest out of hundreds inquire about our internet speed because he worked in the computer business and needed to do some work.


Not a techie but I think you can go into your settings and set something up to block this @cabinhost


I would think any kind of shared housing arrangements would benefit from such a product.

We just sold a triplex property near a university where 3 apartments of students shared the hi-speed Internet. Periodicallly usage would spike and twice the service provider sent me emails that a bit torrent of illegal downloading of movie was detected. I would have liked to have had some tools then to manage things.

Good luck with your idea.


and they will do absolutely nothing about it even if it’s done repeatedly.


Always wondered how the likes of Starbucks etc managed it, as far as I know there is always a way around the simple solutions, blocking sites etc.

I used to have Satellite and usage was a major problem, now I have Microwave unlimited all is good.


No need to develop this.
There are plenty of products that can do this at a fair price.

I run an Edgerouter with DPI, that drops torrent packages when recognized.
I use OpenDNS as to prevent people to go to sites with unwanted content. To prevent clever guests from using an alternative DNS, I reroute all traffic on port 53 to Open DNS.

Bandwith is controlled by the build in FQ_Codel based QoS.

This can all be done on a <$50 router, without a lot of technical knowledge.

I have a simple 40/5 cable connection. Shared by 45 (peak) guests.
Never had any problems or complaints.


I had to laugh when I saw your statement about “This can all be done on a <$50 router, without a lot of technical knowledge”

I had no idea what most of what you wrote meant! But found it very impressive! :):grin:

That said - never had a problem with our guests and internet.


I haven’t had any issues but I do promote my fast wi-fi as an advantage of my listing.


Occasionally our service drops. This has been the extent of our internet issues. I don’t want people downloading or viewing illegal content, but I think that kind of goes without saying. I can’t possibly disclose all the illegal things I don’t want guests doing in my home. I do specify that illegal substances are not allowed on the property, but beyond that, it’s all kind of unspoken. I’m not responsible for the behavior of other adults in a business arrangement.


Loved seeing the variety of responses. All great information. Thank you again!


Yes, it all seems very difficult.
Basically what the OP tries to create and sell for probably a lot of $$$, you can do yourself with $50 and one single sheet of instructions.

There are even people that offer a service where they create a configuration file for you, so you only have to upload it.


AT&T & AT&T Uverse internet service and Verizon data services provide excellent data usage reports. Uverse & Verizon can message you when there is a change in usage. Verizon will let you temporarily suspend the internet access or slow it down.

I did a one time rental to two people attending a conference. My full internet access was not installed. I explained the ONLY internet access would be limited in amount of GB and be hotel business class which is good for emails & basic web access. Video streaming could not be supported.

In two days they burned through 10 GB of data. ($150 worth) The report said they were streaming videos & Youtube. Although the disclosure was made upfront, they were very unhappy about the “poor internet” offered. In hindsight-I shouldn’t have offered internet service at all. MCDonald’s (McCafe) is 1/2 mile away and offers FREE internet access.

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