What verifications do you ask for?

Under reservations I ask that ID is verified. I have had enquiries from people with none verified and maybe just a photo uploaded and/or email verified.

I answered the questions they asked but emailed back and said if you wish to book with me I also need photo ID and facebook verifiation. I know there is no guarantee any of this is genuine. As it is a newbie to airbnb there are no reviews to check out.

I am not concerned if the person books with me as would prefer to have some check seeminly to have taken place.

What do you want from a newbie with no reviews or only one verification?

I always require an offline ID (divers licence, passport etc) not just facebook. Its too risky.

Guest can inquire without providing ID, but must do so in order to complete the booking.

This can sometimes cause delays in the booking being completed, because some guests have a problem getting through all the verification steps.

So what ID is required as a minimum in order to be able to book?

I require no verification, allow same-day and insta-books.

I probably have only had 3 guests who initially had no information about themselves. One was a brand new account, with no picture and named “New User”. They all ended up being fine. As long as it’s a human on the other side that can respond to my questions, I don’t care what you look like or what your name is (plus once you get paid, you see their real name anyway)