What Types of Scheduled Messages Do You Have?

I just read and implemented @Annet3176 excellent idea on an automated message regarding travel insurance (mine posts 24 hours after booking), although I hope my message is neutral on the topic, just letting them know it exists and that they might want to consider it.

Airbnb often prompts the Host to send a message a few days before the check-in, which I also think is a good idea just to re-assure the guest that the Host is not flaky, that they have a real reservation they can rely on and reminding them of our guidebook.

But other than that I can’t think of any other meaningful messages that I could write that aren’t a waste of the guest’s time since everything else is “in the system” as pre-booking details, post-booking details (House manual)

Am I missing something? What suggestions do you have?

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I am pessimistic about guests reading anything these days. However, at the very beginning of my automated confirmation message I remind guests that they must check their Airbnb message thread for important questions and check in directions. This seems to have helped a little.


If the first message I received from my host was about travel insurance I’d probably skip reading anything else from the host until the week of arrival. No matter how you word it I would take it as spam.

If the first message was a thank you and you will hear from us again X days before with directions and checkin information I’d be happy. And yes, remind them to turn on notifications.

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Thank you! Turn on notifications? Beyond just saying that, how can I give more specific instructions?

for example:

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Yeah, I’ve done that. So I wonder why I need or whether it would be advisable to send another message AGAIN. Yet Airbnb prompts me to do so. Plus, I do really about renegade hosts that cancel bookings to get better deals or whatever. So the I wonder whether it might be a good practice a few days before check-in to say hello.

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You’ve been on quite the snark patrol lately. Love it. All info can be found on the Air site by using the search function. Same here. :wink:

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How to turn on notifications: Airbnb communication tip

After reservation made, message:

To make it easier to know when a host or Airbnb has sent you a message, did you know you can set up text message notifications?

If you aren’t using that function would you like me to send you instructions on how to set it up? It’s easy

————If they say YES—text to their phone:

To set up Airbnb text notifications



——asking guest if interested means you are offering a service. They asked for the info so more likely to follow through

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It is not my first message BUT from playing with the insurance website, it looks like guest have 10 days after booking to buy the travel insurance so can’t wait too long.

I think people are interesting. Hosts all over yell, “why do i lose money when the guest cancels, they should have travel insurance” but then balk at educating the guest that the insurance is available.

I read everything I could find on the Airbnb website about travel insurance. The information is available to the guest on the Airbnb website but it doesn’t appearAirbnb includes the information as part of the booking process.

If we hosts don’t want to take a financial hit when a guest cancels snd there is a tool available, we should use it.

Sure we can think Airbnb should educate the guest, but there are many things Airbnb could do but they don’t.

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As a guest, I don’t appreciate being educated by the host other than about things that are specific to their property. If their house will not have AC available during my trip then sure, I want to know. If their property doesn’t map correctly on Google maps, so people tend to get lost on the way there, helpful directions are warranted.

I travel a lot. I know all about all sorts of general travel related things including travel insurance. A message from the host about travel insurance just makes me thing the next three will be about stuff like signing up for their friend’s tour of the local hot spots or making dining reservations at their brother’s restaurant. For some people those would be useful. But I don’t need or want those type of messages, so I tend to junk them.

Just a warning that sending spam about other things you may want your guests to buy will dilute any important messages that directly affect their stay.


I’m glad you can. Not everyone does so they don’t have your field of reference.

It’s okay that I don’t manage my listings like you. We all have different styles.

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I booked some Airbnb’s this fall and if I remember correctly they do have a link to travel insurance information on the booking page. It was a link farther down on the page. But at this time it just gives info and you have to leave the site to actually purchase a policy. Maybe they will move it up the page and integrate it more they way airlines tickets and concert tickets are now, where you have to actively decline it in order to complete the purchase.

Exactly. I don’t want to stay with needy hosts with their long lists of rules and over-explained everythings. I’ve been able to identify them easily in their listings and it’s never going to get to the point where they send me unwanted messages after I booked.

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Good to know. Thank you

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Fixed that for you.



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I must be hungry. I read that as ‘scallions only’.:slight_smile:

I don’t think you are. I have quite a few saved messages, but that’s a different thing. Because I know that I get the same info requests often, I have saved messages I can use. (How far away is the airport? What does a taxi cost to the cruise port? Can I rent bicycles nearby? That sort of thing.)

But I automate nothing. The usual for me is this - the guest books (I use IB) and I send a quick ‘thank you for booking / let me know if you need any info / look forward to seeing you’ message.

Then it’s perfectly normal for us to have no further communication at all until the day before check-in. As I have guests booking well in advance, that period could be a year. But they’ve nothing to say to me and I’ve nothing to say to them during that space of time.

I am mildly irritated as a host when guests message me asking about questions that can be answered by reading the listing but that’s part of my job so I answer in a prompt and friendly manner.

As a guest, I have never seen any reason to contact a host between booking and check-in day (or the evening before) so I’d be annoyed to receive automated messages.

I don’t do this. A guest has enough to think about when they’re making a trip - airline tickets, car rental, dog-sitters, etc. so to me, sending an automated message (or a genuine one) seems superfluous. I often don’t agree with Airbnb’s suggestions but I’ve been in the STR business longer than Airbnb anyway. :wink:

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