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What types of accommodations will guests book?


I am a brand new host is a small summer resort town. A week and a half ago I put up my first listing, and now the room is already booked for 17 nights in July and August. This is turning out well enough that I’m considering listing an additional room in my home.

I have a 4 BR house. The room I currently have listed is a first floor guest room with ensuite bath. The 2nd floor of my home has my master BR with 2 BR’s across the hall that share a Jack and Jill bath. I am considering listing one of those bedrooms, which would have direct access to, and private use of the bath.

My first question is this. Based on your experience or knowledge, are guests comfortable and willing to rent rooms on 2nd floors as long as they are private, even though right across the hall from host’s bedroom? Would they pay as much for such a room as they seem willing to pay for the 1st floor room?

Second, my husband is worried that having more than one “set” of unrelated guests in the house could cause conflict that might lead to bad reviews. I think he means they might be fighting over common areas. For example, we’re going to allow light use of the kitchen, so maybe they might fight over the microwave, or perhaps, there would be turf wars over the chaise lounges on our patio. I think this is ridiculous, but I thought I’d take the question to those with experience. He is claiming I can’t possibly even think of the types of problems that would arise with 2 unrelated sets of people in the home. From my perspective, I can’t see how it’s different from a hotel where you can’t get the lounge chair you want because it’s already been taken.

We rent a bedroom and private bath that is across from our MBR with no problem. We have 5 star reviews so far.
As for your second question, why not just accommodate up to 4 people in the two rooms and then you will get couples who are friends or a family traveling together. I’m inclined to agree with your husband that unrelated guests could get dicey. That’s just me, I wouldn’t do it.

Last summer my husband and I and our friends from France traveled across the USA and Airbnb’b for four guests with one host in several cities and it was great. We paid for the two room rate for four.

In my experience people will rent a private room with a bathroom on the same floor as the host. A jack and jill bathroom with the other room not being rented out is just as good as an ensuite. I think as long as people have their own bathroom and bedroom and are aware that you rent out two spaces in your house there shouldn’t be any problem between them. That said I wouldn’t pay quite as much for a room across the hall from the owners as I would for one that was more private. Nor would I pay as much for a room where I knew there would possibly be other guests as I would for one where I was the only guest.

I think the main thing you need to think about it how much privacy do YOU need? Are you going to get tired of always having people in your kitchen or on your deck (or wherever the lounge chairs are)? Are you going to be exhausted by the needy guests who take two hours of your time every day asking for directions, recommendations, etc? If it’s going to cause conflict between you and your husband maybe it’s not worth it. Or maybe the extra money will be. I don’t know what price range you are in. Also check your local laws. How are your neighbors? Is there plenty of parking for two sets of guests? Are you just doubling the chance that your are going to call attention to yourself.

I wouldn’t get in a big hurry to make the second room available. Host a few people first. I’ve had all good experiences but I don’t host tourists. I think you need to get acclimated first.

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