What to put for price "per night," dynamic pricing

I’m using dynamic pricing and am looking for a recommendation on what to put for the price per night on my listing page when it varies day-to-day. My price can range by $100 depending on the season.

I would imagine that most guests are plugging in their travel dates and getting the total for their trip, so I wonder if price per night on my listings page matters so much.

What do others do?

With smart pricing I set the minimum at our standard base rate (133) and the maximum at 303. There’s also a weekend price set which I think is 145. That way, smart pricing always sets the price between the minimum and the maximum although I manually adjust prices when there are special events.

This means that the daily rate shows at 133, the minimum.

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@jaquo, I failed to mention that I’m using an outside site to do my dynamic pricing so will be manually setting my “per night” price on the “pricing settings” tab. I question whether I should have my “per night” price reflect my lowest minimum. An average? I will definitely change it for high and low seasons.

I think I’ve read in prior posts that Air’s smart pricing works well for you. In Seattle–or at least for my listing–it’s incredibly low.

Well, I think if it was me I’d show an average so that guests don’t get a shock when they see the final price. As I said before, Airbnb shows the minimum price so it is rather bothersome that sometimes guests get higher prices than they bargained for.

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Up here in Bellingham the “smart pricing” is stupidly low, but I suspect too many people are using it, plus getting too many new hosts is driving prices WAYYYYY down.

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We use Beyond Pricing and I have my ‘base’ price set to about $50 over our lowest bookable price. Our prices fluctuate from $200-1200 based on seasons and events, and when the prices are obscenely high I will no doubt get a request for the $250 price. Most people understand when I explain we are priced like hotels, blah blah. However, there have been a few that demand the $250 price, i just decline and move on.

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We are using pricelabs and get price in range of 450 sek to 2000 sek.