What to do with Guest Tips?

We have several properties and different 4 or 5 different cleaners. It can be anyone of the cleaners to do the turnovers - and sometimes they may share in the task (one comes to finish off the drying/folding of towels etc.).
A few of our cleaners are fill-ins and not regulars.
We are remote for the most part – and we may not even know a tip was left (cleaner may keep them?)

We have had many guests leave tips and we aren’t really sure how to handle them.

Should the cleaner coming in get the tip?
Should the cleaner that cleaned get the tip?
Should we collect them all and divy them up? How? Who?

Any advice?

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I am curious how much control you have over the tips. Did your guests tell you every time they leave tips and how much of it? Cash or payment over the Airbnb resolution center? If they are cash left in the house, I would let whoever cleaners clean the house on that checkout day keep the tip for some obvious reasons…


We don’t really have control – tips/cash are left behind at our properties
Sometimes we happen to be there upon check-out, sometimes the cleaners let us know that a tip has been left, sometimes the guests let us know via a message on Airbnb.

I wouldn’t overthink it then. Unless there has been some contention among your cleaners re the tips, or some cleaners have been reaping the rewards far more than others who deserve it equally, it probably works out okay.

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Good advice and probably so - re: not overthinking it.
Just want to be fair to all the cleaning staff.
Each scenario is different.
The last guest left a $40 tip. The cleaner prior had a tough job to prepare for the incoming.
The $40 tip guests left the place pristine and a fairly easy turnover - the cleaner for this turnover is one of our “fill-ins” and not a regular.
Just want to be as fair as we can — but probably overthinking it…lol