What to do if guest refuses to accept amended booking


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A guest instant booked & paid for 2 nights stating 1 person was staying.This was Jan 2016.

1 month out & they msg me with a few inquiries as to cooking utensils etc & requiring an extra bed as 3 people coming.

I amend booking as extra people over 2 is another $18 … this is mainly due to it is a studio apartment on the 2nd floor & only has 1 queen bed. I have to physically take up a single bed (which is in 2 pieces) & for the extra linen washing, power etc etc.

The guest is complaining because they believe the charges are wrong, the amended booking requires them to pay an extra $40 ($18 for me & $2 for AirBNB each night X 2 = $40)… They’re also arguing that they originally booked for 3 and there was no extra charge (my listing has always incurred extra charges for extra guests over 2 since day 1 with AirBNB)

They haven’t replied in over a week & they haven’t acted upon the amendment - I don’t want to cancel due to AirBNB penalties, If they don’t pay before they arrive can I refuse them entry without AirBNB penalties ?
I don’t really want them to stay now anyway after trying to scam me with extra people & not pay + all the messages back & forth are demanding & almost aggresive from her, so I am sure whatever happens I will receive a negative rating… Its only for 2 days I would rather they ‘go elsewhere’ :slight_smile: any suggestions …

@Thing - welcome to the Forum that changed my Air-life!

It’s late and a bit quiet right now, but by noon tomorrow you will have received advice that money cannot buy.

Best of luck - I’m new too and people here have been phenomenal in teaching me “the ropes.”


Call AirBnB. I’m with you, I would not want to host them at all now. All you need to do is tell AirBnB that you are not comfortable with these guests, as they are being aggressive and you believe they were trying to cheat you, and Air will cancel the booking without penalty to you.


Get it sorted before guests arrive. On the doorstep is too late and not worth the hassle.

With some users the apps are not adding in the extra person, my first few bookings were all wrong and 3 guests refused the amended booking even after I explained what was wrong, they want cheap cheap cheap. It took about 6 phone calls and 2 emails to amend the first booking with airbnb, they cancelled it, they admitted their was a bug in the app. I actually took the hit on the other two bookings as it was not worth the time and effort on the phone. I was polite and professional to both guests and welcomed them into my home, it’s a reflection on them and not me that they would not pay the going rate.

Call airbnb and say the guest had an issue with their booking, it tallied 2 guests instead of 3, it might not be their fault and they could be just peeved and think you are looking for more money or they do know exactly what they are doing and want a free person. Let airbnb call it but decide if you want to fight it which will take a while or just take the hit.

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