What the... firm, not so firm, strict , cancel whenever.... (policies)

Latest from air about a “FIRM” cancellation policy.
Does this one allow 48hours of thinking about it? or hunting for a better deal? not clear…
It´s wishy-washy - why can’t all portals agree on a common one… easier for the traveller easier for the hosts…

I like mine neat.

If you must cancel within 24 hours - or 60 days out for me not a problem.
I only start scheduling cleaning etc about 40 days out.
No show I´ll refund 30% Cancel I refund 50% -
Change dates within actual availability - no problem. Shorten trip 50% of unused nights.
That’s it. If you (the guest) asks nicely I might be mellow.
If you (the guest) don’t know - don’t book or get travel insurance that covers.

If you (the guest) want a unique experience there is a risk, if you just want to sleep somewhere book a hotel.

Sorry guests that can’t make up their mind just get to me.

By the way BDC has been exceptional in handling cancellations - simply filled the slot within 24 hours. This I obviously don’t mind.

Excellent, growing our own are we?

We’re in their “risk free cancellation” program, so if a guest cancels, BDC will either find you another one or stump up for the lost revenue. Essentially, they discount the listing to make it attractive, while still guaranteeing you the original payout amount. If it doesn’t sell, you still get the original amount.

This program is only applicable to non ref rate plans, something we haven’t as yet reinstated as we’re currently on fully flex for both apartments.


well I should not write comments after a bottle of local red (Mencia) …

Yes forgot about that one but I think I´m not in it will check tomorrow.

I need blow up houses (inflatable…) hat are only there for August - stackable would probably work as well, as I could fill half a city with the calls we are getting

Wow, that is very generous to refund someone who could not be bothered to show up.


Well it’s cost of usage vers empty on average. This is on direct contracts. Portals depending on policies. Ñot on Air hosts and company where not very helpful when I had to shift and sometimes cancel during pandemic.