What Special Amenities do you Provide?

We all of course proved the BASIC amenities, shampoo , towels , tv, etc
But what special amenties do you provide that another Airbnb rental normally wouldn’t , and do your guest appreciate it?

What I provided is Apple TV for everyone of my rentals it just make the entertainment experience better in my opinion

Please see:


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I think that not all AirBNB’s provide shampoo, tv, etc. I do. Traveling with liquids is so difficult these days, that I think that shampoo, conditioner, and soap are nice amenities to offer. I chose not to have a TV for the first 6 months. It was summer. My guests were all tourists, not returning to the house until well past 9PM, but when it became winter and the sun was setting around 4PM, a TV seemed like a natural fit.

Gourmet Breakfasts For Two prepared from an extensive menu of choices, tailored to guests dietary requirements (lactose intolerance, gluten-free, etc.).


We have shampoo, conditionner, offering for extra a continental breakfast, renting of bikes.

We hope to be able to offer our own honey soon

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We provide a ton of amenities, and our guest reviews often mention how we have thought of everything. However, the amenities that get mentioned the most in our reviews include a basket filled with a variety of snacks, and a fresh flower arrangement to which we add a welcome tag that includes the guests’ names.

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HDMI cable, int’l plug, USB charger, multi-phone charger, NutriBullet (most room shares have this but not as often seen in whole house), gourmet coffee, subscription to the local magazine, high end soaps… that’s all I can think of. I like the idea of offering the terrycloth robes that someone else came up with in another thread.

I do offer the terry cloth robes but guests have never mentioned them , and once in a while a guest will use one

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Most? I’ve never seen it anywhere.

I have 2 usb inputs, surge protector outlets on each side of the bed and a surge protector extension cord, bottled water in the fridge, a Bose clock radio with input cord for using it as a stereo speaker with your own device and a small individually wrapped chocolate. It’s amazing how much people like a 25 cent chocolate in their $39 room.

Here’s what I’ve offered and what’s been mentioned:

-Breakfast : mentioned in most reviews, almost 100% take up

-Terry robes: never mentioned, sometimes used

-Shampoo, conditioner, free trade shower gel, toothpaste: never mentioned, always used

-Guide books: never mentioned, rarely used

-Electric blanket; never mentioned, often used

-Power adapters; never mentioned, always used

-1gb fibre optic cable; never mentioned, always used

-Mobile phone on local network; sometimes mentioned, sometimes used


Ah, @KKC, I just meant that most guests in room shares have access to the kitchen, which often has a blender. Most apartments I’ve stayed in, on the other hand, haven’t had blenders.

I see. When I allowed access to my kitchen only one guest (out of close to 100) ever asked for one. If I had a whole house luxury place I would certainly add one.

I also provide printer and paper. One house I provide all-in-one printer that wireless connected to the router. Sometime been in used, specially business travelers. One house I only have a small simple printer.

I can’t tell you the number of times I wish I had a printer when staying places! Only problem is, printers are so notoriously crappy that I’d fear getting so many service calls on the stupid things. Is yours reliable?

Reminds me of how one guest recommended lounge chairs/patio area in the back. I’d love to offer them but my unit is next to a neighbor in a grandmother’s quarters with yappy dogs and he uh, runs a small “side business” and is a “salesman.” None of this is noticeable until one spends time in the back yards, and I’d rather have guests docking me for not having an amenity than dinging me for the many of problems deriving from said use.

My apple trees which are loaded are very popular, and the lemon tree which has heaps too…I invite guests to pick what they can use. I have noticed Chinese people particularly, squeal literally with delight when they see the trees.

@PHX my printer is very reliable. I have used this one for a few years for myself. It’s a Canon mp560. I know everything about this printer, very easy to use. I have had some guests used it. Didn’t have complains. I also provide printer cable so if they have a laptop they can wire connect to it. I found the ink is less expensive for Canon printer also. I replaced it with a Brother laser printer at home which I love now. Highly recommended if you need one for yourself. Not too expensive either. About $120


Lol that’s very cool, I commend you for offering your fruit to guests

Thanks…and pick the flowers and eat what’s growing in the vegie patch too. I have inspired a lot of guests to start gardening, which is really nice.


I leave some local chocolate, and fresh bread from the bakery for every guest. Sometimes I leave flowers To decorate the house to

We have a basket (as many do) of little shampoos and conditioners and hand creams, and people like and use them. We make a good hot breakfast on weekends and continental on weekdays. People love our blueberry pancakes. We offer folks tea and French pressed coffee. We have lots of brochures and maps. A bookcase of fun books to read, a few magazines. And of course, like every other host, we draw little maps and make recommendations for restaurants and so forth.

That’s about it, but we get great reviews and people are so appreciative.