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What size/type water heater do you have and when does hot water run out?


I am curious as to how many of you can provide back to back showers for all guests and the water remains hot. My rental has a 50 gallon water tank, water flow per minute (or whatever it is called) is 2.5 gallons per minute. If someone takes a 20 minute hot shower then the next person is not going to have much hot water. Or if someone is using the body jets then they will probably run all the hot water out if they are spending 20 minutes in there.

I have only tested this with me and one other person. I have no idea how long it takes 6 guests to take showers and if maybe the kids are taking showers at night. No one has ever complained- I was considering getting one of those hot water heaters where the water never runs out. I am on a well though and my partner is worried that guests may drain the well if they have endless showers.

What is normal for a 50 gallon tank? I have never lived anywhere where two people can take two long showers in a row and not run out of hot water. But I was recently reading an online complaint about how after 2 showers there was no more hot water and there were 9 people in the group. Another owner said he has a 40 gallon tank and 14 people shower fine. Another said they sleep 10 and none of their guests has ever run out (not sure how these owners would know unless guest complains or they have stayed in their own rental with that many people). But how are owners accomodating this many back to back hot showers or simultaneous showers?

I have two bathrooms so two people might be showering at the same time.


As you know I have solar assist panels so there is always hot water, heated in a regular water heater. I know some people love the Palomas, on demand water heaters. You never run out of hot water. But they are way more expensive than a traditional water heater.

No one can take such a long shower at my house since we are on a rain tank!


Cabin I have 50 GAL hot water heater but it is gas powered. we really never run out of hot water. I am also changing to a gas dryer because the laundry load is way too much. Gas for me is very cheap. with three folks in my own house hold and guest of of two constantly here the gas bill is only about 20 bucks a month. I suspect with the dryer maybe 40.


We are on a gas/boiler system so never run out of hot water!



Do you mind sharing how long your showers last and if all five of you take showers all in the morning? And how many showers are running at one time?


My Husband and son work early so they have the early morning showers, I also have the guests that sometimes have early showers but they shower around 10 am. I also do early morning laundry if a same day checking in so that is around 8:30 to 9 am. I also shower at night around 9pm and guest sometimes shower at the same time. I have a 50 gallon water heater and if the temp goes down a certain amount it turns on. Our showers are about ten mins max, Mine is the same but when I do my hair about twice a week then it’s 20 mins. Guests are about 20 mins, they tend to linger or do God knows what.


Btw I have mid back slighly curly Cuban hair that requires a long detangle process thus the long showers for hair.


Well, thank you for the explanation!


We have a tankless “on demand” hot water heater in the rental. It works great! Once it’s hot (and it takes awhile to get hot), it’s unlimited. I’ve never had anyone take undue advantage. I wish I had one in our house.



Did you notice a difference in your electric bill? Or do you have gas? I am afraid guests may run the well dry if they get all nice and cozy in the shower.


i have a 50gal. but i live alone so it’s rarely a problem. especially since i shower late at night. they’ve just run natural gas to my street and i’m looking forward to replacing my tank with hot water on demand system. yay! then i’ll change my tub to a roman and actually be able to fill it :smile:


It’s a natural gas system and I’ve noticed only a minor increase in gas and water. The electricity spiked during the summer (air conditioning that’s electric) but even that wasn’t that bad. Most of our guests are 2-3 day weekend travelers so maybe that’s why.


I have got a 60 gallon heater in my rooms at my house back in Toronto. There are 8 members in my family with 2 people using a single toilet where in a 60 gallon hot water runs out within 2-3 days and very rarely depends on the room temperature there can be a slight variation in the hotness of water remaining in the heater. At the initial times, when I had to get the heaters fixed I had the same issue of choosing the right heaters with the right capacity but then my friend had told me to choose these 60 gallon heaters as he was using the same at his house and the same number of members live their in his house too. I got all my heaters fixed and set by a professional in town who helped me in selecting the apt one for my house and according to my requirements too. If u wish to contact them, go ahead, http://www.brothersplumbing.ca/.

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