What services offer automated task messaging to self & team (not guests directly) based on ical?

I just want to get email reminders based on my Airbnb ical events, e.g. “Notify cleaner” 2 days before guest check out, or “Send check in details” 3 days before guest check in, etc. I don’t want the system to message guests directly, just message me.

Why? @anthonybnb???

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Why do I not want the system to message guests directly? I’m just starting out as a host and want to get a better feel for the flow of communication. I also just want to have a more ‘human’ approach right now.

You are not going to stop Airbnb from providing information to guests on its platform @anthonybnb

Why not just do what other hosts do and compliment this with your own personal approach/communications.

"You are not going to stop Airbnb from providing information to guests on its platform " - Thanks for the reply but I don’t understand how this statement is related to my question at all.

All I am interested in is a set of automated rules that send me notifications X days based on Airbnb ical data. It’s quite simple in concept really.

Automated messages directly to guests might be fine as well, but that’s not what I’m asking for.

X days before or after Guest Check In or Guest Check Out (adjusted as I need)

Can’t you just st stick it on your calendar and check it each day?


Perhaps because what you are asking about is not clear @anthonybnb . I thought you were talking about messages airbnb sends your guests related to their bookings with you when you said

That’s what I’ve been doing for many many years.

When guests book, all the details, with all the relevant dates, go into the diary. This works perfectly with our two apartments and the neighbour’s rental that I look after - and it takes only a couple of minutes.

Then if anything at all is down (the Airbnb site, the wifi, the electricity - all these happen) then I have all the info I need right in front of me.

Just to answer my own question here, I’ve tried a number of services and found that YourPorter and SuperHostTools can do what I want. YourPorter has the advantage of free international SMS messaging for automatic notifications, whereas SuperHostTools seems slightly cheaper.

Hi @anthonybnb. I’m the developer of Superhost Tools, I see that you’re trying out the tool. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer.