What questions do you have that might be answered with orginal data from Airbnb?

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my name is Jens I am a german software developer, data analyst and Airbnb host since 2015.

My question is:

What questions do you have which might be answered with data from Airbnb?

I did some analysises for my own area and have some scripts that could also be used for other areas.
I cannot help everybody, but I will try to do so.

To be clear I don’t have a no commercial interest (at least not now).

I am looking forward for your ideas1

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Can you provide a little more information on what information your scripts can provide.

I can basically fetch all listings with all information, the calendars with prices and If a listing IS booked out on a day. I can aggregate statistics from the data and visualize IT. Accidently i can’t provide you an example in the Forum, as I am allowed to upload it

I would be interested in getting daily/weekly/monthly (or date range) updates on listings in my areas who recieve bookings, thier price including fees, number of guests and number of rooms in spreadsheet format (I like to be able to manipulate the data). This information would allow me to analysis the market trends and detemine if I need to make changes to capture more market share or stay the course with my own listing. It would be great if I could chose which listings in my area specifically or capture a geographic radius.

I just want to have an easier way to see my competitor’s booking and rates.

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I could provide you some of the information (not sure about the fees). What I cannot get is information about how many people booked a place. I can get the information in a certain radius. Further filtering you could do in the spreadsheet. What’s your listing id/geospatial coordinates of your area?

I could provide you this information as csv file with all the calendar and rates for the listings in a radius or as calendar heatmap. What’s your airbnb listing id? But I am wondering how I can send you the report, as I cannot send direct messages here nor upload images/attachments.

My computer security system doesn’t allow me to connect to you stating WARNING that there is a potential for your site to take my passwords and break my security. Now that’s a big red flag!

Victoria, I just wanted to tell you that I am not a scammer.

Here are two calendar heatmaps I extracted for your area. One is for the average daily rate for your area

And one is the occupancy heatmap for your area:

Here’s a map with your nearest competitors. The bigger the bubble the bigger the estimated revenue:

Here is a list of the top earners in your area. Congrats your are one of them:

Please feel free to ask questions I could answer with the data in your area: I can share the visualization here or on other trustful channels you feel comfortable with.

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@BurmaPark I am also tagging you to make sure you see the post from bnbhost.co

Hi Jens - My sincere apologies and very appreciative you don’t hold it against me! I’m so glad it’s just my super security alert system being overly cautious and that you are a stand up person. The information is extremely interesting and the heat maps are too cool for words - what an easy way to see at a glance what’s happening. BIG THANK YOU!! Cheers - Victoria

I’m re-listing this thread as it looks like the security concerns have been cleared up.

Victoria, it’s better to be rather cautious on the web. I couldn’t upload images at the beginning so I was not sure how to send you the stuff, so I thought a mail address might be the best idea. I was then a little bit shocked what’s going on with the flagging.