What % of the revenue do you give to your landlord?

This question is of course for those who are renting a property. I am also assuming you have an agreeement with your landlord to use airbnb. Thanks.

Hello! I’m a renter so happy to answer. My landlord gets 0% but then I’ve never made more than the rent (live in host). I’d actually be interested to know if there are any markets where you’d make more than the rent as a live in host, my suspicion Is probably no. Living out yeah I’d make a killing but then I would have nowhere to live …

What’s the reason for the question ? Are you a landlord considering letting your tenant do Airbnb or are you a tenant ?

I am doing an air bnb for my wife family for an appartment. I am paying a regular rent they will get if they will do normal renting. I am paying a fix price every month.

I am a tenant who wants to do airbnb, that’s why I wanted to know what kind of arrangement people usually have with their landlords to do airbnb.

Has your landlord asked for a specific amount ? I guess they’ll be the one dictating terms …

No. I didn’t bring the subject for discussion yet, but the lack of concrete answers to this topic make me think that either most people in the forums are owners or people is subleasing without their landlord awareness…

Very possible. Most people on here are owners but maybe they can help by saying what they’d find acceptable vis-a-vis a percentage. There’s also the question of what counts as subletting (in both Australian and U.K. Law you’re not subletting if you’re resident in the property also).

I personally think your first issue is finding out how your landlord feels about you doing Airbnb. The question about percentages really doesn’t matter if he’s going to say no anyway.


She’s right. You are putting the cart before the horse. Find the landlord first. The chances you will find someone agreeable are pretty low, but if you approach it like a business proposition perhaps it might work… offer a percentage in addition to the rent, plus agree in writing that you will maintain Comet or some other insurance (Air’s won’t cover you if you are not the owner) as well as take responsibility for maintaining the property. Air creates a ton of wear and tear on a place. Pay the utilities.

. Also protect yourself. Get an agreement in writing so that they can’t boot you out for subletting.

As you know we come down pretty hard on renters doing Air here, especially when they are “sneaking.” However, I like your honesty and integrity.


I rent and then sublet various apartments, all with my landlords’ permission. I have three separate landlords and rent a total of 10 apartments. I also own 5 of my listings. In each case, I pay the landlord the market rent, and I take care of the maintenance of the buildings (all small, none more than 6 units). I don’t pay them any percentage of the revenue but I do try to be an absolute model tenant so that they never have cause to regret our arrangement. So far so good!

What you describe is similar to an an arrangement a host in London has with a landlord. He gets a guaranteed rent she lists the properties on Airbnb. I think his guaranteed rent is probably slightly higher than market rate but that’s all he wanted… he actually declined a share of the profits in exchange for set rent, and in many ways it makes sense… guaranteed income over maybe income.

Isn’t that illegal with the current rules in NYC? I thought NYC was 1 host 1 house.

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Well, this is a world forum. What applies for NYC does not necessarily apply for every city in the world. In Slovakia (where I live) there are for instance no regulations in regards to AirBNB.

But there will probably be regulations in regard to subletting :slight_smile:

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I rent and AirBNB with owner permission. Owner thought it was a neat idea, but requested that I get a co-signer and pay two months deposit, just in case my business plan failed, he would be safe. He did not ask for a percentage of the AirBNB revenue.

Yeah, it’s illegal in most places, not just New York.

Lets not start judging hosts for doing what they do.

Such a sweeping and broad generalization! What makes you think Az is making a judgment on any host? Perhaps she hosts in a few settings with a zillion more regulations than NYC and does everything she can and more to be legal and comply with the law, including paying big bucks for permits.

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Maybe she does. I don’t care and didn’t comment about her hosting situation, but i’ve had enough of people pointing out that Airbnb is illegal.

So, I am not allowed to call out someone who posted that they are blatantly breaking the law!? In NYC it is 100000% illegal to do what the above poster said. See below in case you forgot. [quote=“superhostnyc, post:9, topic:10055”]
have three separate landlords and rent a total of 10 apartments. I also own 5 of my listings.

This person rents 15 apartments in a city that has a strict 1 host 1 house rule. They are then telling people its okay and here’s how I grease my landlords pockets. Let’s not forget this person said they rented 10 of these apartments, which in NYC puts the actual landlord at risk of paying hefty fines. Nothing about that scenario is right.

@Secrets I’m sorry you are sick of people saying ‘AirBNB is illegal’ should we also stop saying ‘Murder is illegal’? Some places ABB is illegal, there is no room for interpretation.


I think the point is… @superhostnyc knows that he’s doing… so maybe we should just let him get on with it.

I know where you’re coming from @azreala though

Yeah, this is exactly what I am talking about.

This is a forum for Airbnb Hosts! Maybe you are looking for a forum for housing activists or something.