What mattress preferences do your guests have?

We’re having a hard time finding “the perfect” mattress for our guests.

We had a pretty soft mattress in our guest room and got some complaints about the bed being too soft. We decided to change the mattress to a firmer type, but now some people think it’s too firm.

What mattress preferences do your guests have?

There is no perfect mattress, I’m afraid. My units are two bedroom ones; I have a medium firm with a foam topper in one bedroom, and a firmer mattress with pillow top in the other. I leave it up to my guests to figure out which they prefer, and I receive compliments about the beds/bedding from about 1/3 of the guests who stay here (nobody is complaining).

It’s impossible to figure out. Go for a medium, and keep a foam topper available for it if they say it’s too hard.


Don’t know what they prefer but we get compliments that ours are comfy if any feedback at all. The one in the master is a heavy gauge coil Simmons. The one in the 2nd bedroom was the first bed I got. Also a Simmons with medium support. It is too soft for us, so slept on it about a week and did the store guarantee deal. They left it when they delivered the new one, so all we had to buy was the bottom frame part (got a solid metal “box spring” deal) and we had the 2nd bed. It is perfectly adequate for most people. The third room has a twin bed that is firm support but very soft padded. I think that is best for most people, a firm mattress with a lot of soft padding. When people complain a bed is too hard they usually mean it doesn’t have enough padding, vs. not enough “give”.

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I did a ton of research before buying the mattresses for our listings. There are some good independent review and feedback sites that get really detailed regarding side sleepers vs back sleepers vs stomach sleepers. It’s really more than just firm or soft. They also look at things like how it feels to sit on the edge of the bed, how it is to have sex in the bed as well as how the size of the sleeper affects comfort (petite vs heavy) and also the temperature effect, whether the mattress makes you hot and how much one person will feel when the other person rolls over - lots of details. I can look for the links if you’re interested. They do the same for pillows, which I also found helpful.

Because we weren’t buying the mattresses for ourselves, I looked for the mattress that would be the most comfortable for the most types of sleepers and for the most bed activities. There were 2 or 3 that really hit the mark but the regular Tuft & Needle mattress seemed to be the best bet for the most people and are fairly priced, easy to get and great customer service. We get constant raves about our beds from our very diverse group of guests so I feel confident we made the right choice.

For pillows, I put 5 on each bed and they are each different and for different types of sleepers. I wanted to make it so that everyone could find one they liked and this also has worked out really well.

Nothing perfect, but we use a Sealy FIRM mattress with a 2" foam topper. “Just enough” softness, I guess. We get rave messages and reviews about the bed!

My guests LOVE On our mattresses. They are not expensive or particularly chosen, just reasonably nice and well dressed with 100% cotton and high-end sheets.

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8" memory foam w 2" topper on a Zinus bed frame. Never a complaint.

I get lots of comments on how comfy the bed is and inquiries about what kind of mattress it is. It’s just an old (actually rather ancient) but good innerspring mattress with a 4 inch “cool” memory foam topper.