What makes your guests so special?

Hi Airbnb Community,

My name is Baker Donahue and I am a senior at the University of Tennessee. I have been a Host for close to 8 months now and have had nothing but fantastic host-guest interactions. I am curious if other hosts are experiencing the same thing and what you/your listing is doing for the guest? I have decided to conduct a survey for my senior thesis project based on host to guest interactions. I would really appreciate your feedback on this. It should only take about 5 minutes and will put me one step closer to graduation:) Thanks Hosting community!

Rethining my research. Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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I have approved this post and I’ve taken the survey before I approved it. It is short as promised.

@Donald_Baker_Donahue I did see a couple of typos but sorry I can’t recall exactly where. Little things like you instead of yours.

Curious why there isn’t a question to distinguish between in-home and separate accommodation rentals. Mine is in-home but as a guest I’ve stayed in full houses/apartments at times. The experience is very different between them.


Hi @Donald_Baker_Donahue

I didn’t complete the survey because many of the questions were asking me questions about the guests perception of their experience rather than mine.

Also having all closed questions doesn’t allow for clarification/expansion making it difficult to provide meaningful responses.

Finally I wasn’t really sure about the value of the research from an academic point of view. What are you trying to understand?

As others have mentioned you really need to allow for difference between remote listings and sharing your home. Between property managers and hosts.

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I have not looked at the survey yet but it would be nice to know the thesis hypothesis.

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Hey K9KarmaCasa, thanks for pointing those out! I really appreciate your help.

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Wow great point Terryathome! It would be interesting to conduct a further study on this. Maybe computer mediated interactions vs. face to face. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey @Mike_L , thanks for responding! The study is investigating the multi-phased hosting experience through Airbnb and its relation to the concepts of co-creation and expectations. Let me know if you have any other quesiotions!

Hey @Helsi, understood. I had a bit of trouble phrasing the questions, I would love your advice on how to rephrase. The study is investigating the multi-phased hosting experience through Airbnb and its relation to the concepts of co-creation and expectations. It is a quantitative study. I really appreciate your critique!

What is your thesis? I think Mike asked but you didn’t answer.

I understand that academia loves those nonsensical jargon filled abstracts but could you translate into English what you are investigating? Your post title “what makes your guests so special?” (English) doesn’t seem the same as “the relationship between multi-phased hosting experience and concepts of co-creation and expectations.” (academic bs)


(Your refreshing candor gave me a laugh!) You do shoot from the hip on occasion.

Sorry I can’t help you with the phrasing of your questions as 1) I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve through your dissertation research and 2) this is something you should be doing with your lecturer.

You can’t ask a host about what guests felt about their listing. You need to ask the guest.

However, as a general point, you should be including qualitative as well as quantiative questions.

If you are carrying out meaningful research, so should also be looking for a demographically representative sample.

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I agree with Helsi on asking one person about another’s perception. There’s no way to ask this question and get any meaningful response.

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I totally agree with @Helsi
I found it difficult to accurately answer many of the questions so I abandoned the survey. There should be a choice of not applicable as I found some of your questions to be so. I also don’t understand your baffle speak explanation of your survey goals. Perhaps the feedback about your survey is more meaningful than the survey itself lol!