What makes it all worthwhile ... sometimes

I have noticed in the past that at this time of year we all get to feel a bit jaded, tempers become frayed and we wonder whether we REALLY want to do Airbnb or is it too late to train as a hedge fund manager.

I was having a particularly trying day yesterday and was just thinking that a large gin was the only solution when up popped “Guest has written you a review. Both reviews are now available”. This is what it said:

“Ged is the definition of a superhost! She made sure that we had a great time with everything we needed and was very friendly at all times. Their house is in a very calm area but still close to the beaches and Malaga city. You will enjoy the pool, the garden and the balcony of your apartment. I can recommend this Airbnb to couples and families and will definitely come back!”

I’m sure that most of us have had reviews like this but sometimes among the frustrations of hosting, cleaning, dealing with Airbnbureaucracy etc we sometimes forget that this is what it’s about … someone has a great time, things go smoothly, you do your best for them, they appreciate it and everyone’s happy. PLUS we get paid for it!

So my August resolution is to remember and value the guests and reviews like this rather than the few oddbods who want to ruin my life …

Though of course they don’t make for such interesting reading on the forum!


I shall make it my resolution too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting to remind me that being an Airbnb host is pretty flippin good really.