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What location should I use?

I live in a suburb of Orlando called Lake Mary. My house is 15 min drive from Orlando and between 20 and 40 minutes from all tourist attractions.

How can I list my house so that people know I am in Orlando and accessible to the beaches and tourist attractions?

List the town where you receive mail. If you’re 15 minutes from the beach, throw that into the title or description.

Yep, use the town you are actually located in but make sure you highlight your fab location in the title and the first few lines of the description.

I am in a similar situation I live in a suburb of Cutler Bay which is on the southern end of Miami dade county. So I just list as Miami but indicate that I am ideal for the everglades, and Key largo.

The Big Island of Hawaii, like many Hawaii island counties, is divided up into enormous districts, some 50-75 miles wide. The postal district I’m in is not even a bit indicative of where I really am. Because I’m so rural, one time a potential guest looked at the Air map, looked at my photos, and drove right to my house to “check out the apartment before booking.” I was totally shocked and asked Airbnb to make my coverage area wider so this could never happen again. Now I have to be very very explicit about where I’m located, but just give a highway mile marker now and will tell them the subdivision if they ask. People are always really shocked when they get here just how enormous this island is.

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