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What just happened there?


2 days ago, I was looking at guests this coming weekend, and then NOTHING. A bit scary, having taken £4k for the spare rooms in July and August, I was suddenly facing bugger all.

Suddenly I’ve filled the next 5 weekends, plus cancelled someone from Homeaway, because I’m too scared to try and sync the calendars there was a double booking.

Anyone else had a flurry?


Not me! It may be the Mystery of the Algorithm.


I had a mini flurry after my post on a similar topic. We’ve only three booking in total ahead of us now but better than the bleak zero we had last week.

I also had a Trip Advisor enquiry (we’ve had 4 in 6 months) but they’ve decided not to proceed.

We’ve just signed up to Home Away and are manually syncing just now - I can’t seem to get the settings to appear as their guide suggests it should.


Mini-flurry? Two bookings for December, both received this past weekend. Usually we get a booking a week-ish but two came in right together, minutes apart. And of course, I was out with friends and was suddenly THAT person at the table paying more attention to my phone than my company. :joy:


Yup, I can get 3 bookings a day & then nothing. Just when you think your month is doomed they start rolling in, usually requests come late at night! Sept bookings tend to be slow, end of summer, kids back at school then in Oct folks seem to settle into thinking about mini breaks etc. I am located close to a skiing so winter it tends to be short notice bookings. My first two years the winter & fall were terribly slow, now 40% of my guests are repeat regulars outside of the platform, I never lean on that extra income, it’s cream and if it’s slow no matter I still have my everyday budget that gets me by, I do not trust nor rely on the ABB platform, I reach out to organizers of local events, retail stores, realtors, fishing guides, sport stores etc. and I am NEVER without my old daytimer, I feel safer with a hardcopy organizer I transfer all info to my daytimer, this way I can follow/up with previous guests… works for me.


Also, may have something to do with ticking the “I accept any Tom, Dick, or Harry, reviewed or verified or not box” (although that was 10 days earlier)


Having a PhD in Statistics I can say that bookings are a Poisson Process which means you will occasionally experience deserts of no bookings in an otherwise flood. Trust in maths and don’t sweat it.


Similar here (also UK). A couple of weeks ago we had about 6 bookings within a few days so October is now more or less full. Not bad considering we were looking at virtually nothing a month ago :smiley:

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