What it takes to update your calendar?

I would like to follow the Airbnb suggestion to update my calendar on a daily basis so to keep a good search ranking but sometimes I don.t have nothing to change so I just open it and scroll through a few months. Do you think that’s enough or should I play a bit changing a few prices here and there?

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I change a couple of prices. I might only change a few prices by one dollar but I imagine that’s enough to do the trick.

Yes, I use to do that and I confess I feel myself silly doing it :slightly_smiling:

What a great question and something I have often thought about. I would like to know from AirBnB exactly what they mean as well.

Is just opening your calendar whilst logged in good enough? Or you do need to make an actual change.

I have covered myself by going in each day and just updating the price for the day that next appears after my 3 month parameters. By this, I mean that I don’t take bookings in advance of 3 months. So each day, another day obviously appears on that 3 month window. It is this day that I alter the price.

Either way, it is good practice to go into your calendar frequently anyway. If I feel a lack of bookings over the next couple of weeks, I might just lower my price a little in the short term. Eg within a week.

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I have changed a few prices, block/unblocked some days, and scroll through a few months but the system it is showing me that my last updated was 2 days ago. Is this happening on your account too?