What is your impression of this guest based on this review?

Jane was very interesting to host. We had many interesting conversations. I really hope that I and my home were able to live up to her expectations.

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It sounds like you didn’t like her. It sounds like you found her high maintenance and nit picky.


Or did another host write this and you are trying to decide whether to host her?
I’d say it sounds like she is nit picky.

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That’s exactly what I am trying to get across, without being to mean about it in my review. I don’t believe she is a bad person, but boy, what a stressful guest to have.
Thanks Ellen!

I am thinking of leaving this review for guest checking out tomorrow. She is not a bad person but I did get the impression that she is hard to please and quirky as well.

Can you give examples?

As it stands it tells me nothing.


It sounds like she was an interesting person and that you were trying to please her.
Unless someone read it with a cynical attitude. But on the surface it actually sounds positive/neutral.

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To me it sounds like she was a great guest - very interesting (which is usually a good thing). Reading that review, I would look forward to hosting her.

When passive/agressive hosts are not forthright and plain speaking in their reviews, we other hosts suffer the consequences of having to host guests who are not good guests. Remember, reviews are for other hosts so we can make decisions on accepting them as guests.


My first impression was that you found the guest interesting, then the second statement made me wonder if you were trying to make a statement about her (I was a little confused). Your third statement made me wonder if your space might not be that great, but also made me wonder.

Then, reading through the comments, I realized that I could read it any of the ways that each person noted.

So, in the end I agree with @Rolf that you might want to make it a little more clear. It sounds like you’re being kind to the guest, but at the expense of future hosts.

Even something like: “Jane was very “interesting” to host.” would make things a little more obvious to the reader. I might read the rest of the message differently if you otherwise don’t want to change much in your review.

To make the last statement more obvious you might say: “After many positive reviews from guests, I really hope that my home lived up to Jane’s high expectations.”

Edit: to put those all together, you might write:
“Jane was very “interesting” to host. We had many interesting conversations. After many positive reviews from guests, I really hope that my home lived up to Jane’s high expectations.”

You can’t just say something like that because she was ‘quirky’

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I just think it’s too cryptic. Look at all the different interpretations here. Just come out with it and say it or leave something neutral and leave private feed. Otherwise don’t review.

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Precisely. If it’s subject to different interpretations, it accomplishes nothing.

Probably an opinionated person that thinks she knows it all. The fact that the host says “very interesting to host” to me indicates that the guest was difficult and the host sugar coated it.