What is your hit-rate on guest 5-star review guesses?

I did read in a recent thread not to worry about guest ratings. But I have to get a few things out of my system…

How likely are you to correctly guess that a guest is going to give you a 5-star review? Or not.
What clues do you look for to come to this conjecture?
I’d be curious to know the thought process that goes on here.

PS: This query is targeted more towards ‘ordinary mortals’, much more than those superhosts who get 5 stars almost every time!


It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a Superhost or not. You can’t guess or second guess – it’s not “I Spy With My Little Eye”.

The name of this “game” is Always, Always Do the Best You Can… and then do a little more. IMHO if you aren’t willing to go that extra step, you’ll never consistently be a 5-star Host. If you’re just into AirBnb for the money, chances are you’ll never be a consistent 5-star Host either. You have to care about hosting and giving your guests the best experience you can… Even "ordinary mortals can do that – if they so choose!


Nothing you’ve said that I disagree with @KenH. I do my best and a bit more. But I haven’t managed to get to the 80+ stage.
In any case, I’m still curious to know (your replies to my original query.)

Former super host here … I was a superhost for the first year of listing and generally got 3 5 star reviews for every 4 star.

I eventually lost superhost status and started getting one or two fives and one or two fours.

The difference between then and later? I used to provide a decandent organic breakfast, allow cooking in the flat and allowed washing machine use. All for £28 per night for 2 :slight_smile:

A better question @Astaire is what can I do to improve my ratings - why not post your listing here and we can perhaps offer some advice.

I also agree with @KenH we treat everyone the same and try to make sure they have everything they need to have a comfortable stay. We let them know we are here if they need us or not if they want total privacy.
We have played the guessing game of what do you think they will rate us but you never really know. Early on we took every piece of advice or lower star as something to fix if we could. Now we settled in nicely to hosting and are not super hung up on the stars.
Two people we were unable to make happy and we have to be ok with that because we did the best we could.


I don’t understand why you don’t want Superhosts who by definition get five stars at least 80% of the time to weigh in on how to get five stars.


I pay a lot more attention both as a host and a guest to the reviews rather than the stars. I try to not even look at the stars as I know I’ll get upset if I get one knocked off for non-existent dust!


Sorry, it’s not intended to exclude superhosts. But in my mind, it’s the under-80s who are more keen on this question, it’s as if the 80-plussers don’t have to think about it. I know that’s not how it is, but…

You are incorrect in assuming that Superhosts don’t think about getting five stars. It’s not automatic for us. It’s something we work hard for.

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I haven’t assumed that superhosts don’t think about getting five stars. Could you tell me where I’m making that assumption? Or that superhosts don’t work hard for it.
I’m marginally keener on hearing the psychology of those who haven’t become superhosts. I don’t mean to offend any superhost!

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This is the sentence that made me think that you believe that Superhosts don’t have to think about getting five stars.

The very next thing I said after that bit is

I know that’s not how it is

This thread seems to be getting lost in what to do to make your guests happy, which isn’t what the OP is asking. Of course we all want happy guests and I think we will do what is reasonably necessary to provide as good an experience as we can.

I believe the question is more about how well we can determine which guest will give us a 5-star review and can we determine which ones will give a lesser review (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I’ll start by saying (and this has been covered on other threads) that guests that haggle over price will give a lower rating for “Value” (lose a star for that). I’ve discounted a couple of times on Air - one dinged me for value, and the other one appreciated the gesture and gave me a glowing review. So I’d be careful with accepting people asking for a discount in future.

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Thank you, thank you!

Spot on!
I know the importance of researching what to do to improve one’s service. But this is not the thread for that.

Agree, I’ve felt they would as well. Have always been reluctant to take any guests who start haggling. I think I’ve declined them flat - the few rare occasions someone wrote in asking me to reduce.

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The star ratings are subjective, there are no guidelines for guest’s to use. My most recent guest’s had a 13 month old child, my place is on a river, pictures show a river in deep woods, with rapids, irregular shoreline, rocks, etc. Despite an overalll good review they commented that the river wasn’t easy for children to swim in. I am now going to have to update my listing to point out that there is no shallow, sand bottom area for infants and toddlers to use.
These are the same guest’s who had an adult soil bedding with stool and mix garbage and recycling so badly, I had to resort it, or the bags wouldn’t be accepted for disposal.
I do my best, but there seems to be a need for many guests to find Something to complain about.