What is wrong? No bookings hardly at all! Please take a look!


Member and lurker, but now asking for help. What seems to be wrong here? I am not getting bookings hardly at all. Views, yes, but other than a 2-day now and a 5-day at Xmas, nothing.

Can some of you fine experienced folks look at this and maybe gimme some tips?

I hope for some advice or opinions. I am open to constructive criticism. I did great this year through about October, then it just died. (Plus I went on a 2 week trip)

Thanks in advance!

If you look at your competition at the bottom of your listing you’ll see that many of them offer more for less and have fewer restrictions. There is one I’ve linked below that permits children and pets. They have bicycle storage for guests which you don’t. They offer breakfast which you don’t. They are Superhosts with many reviews. They are less expensive than you are.

You have limited your guests to adults, yet you can accommodate four guests. This means that to take advantage of the entire listing it would have to be a group of four adults which means that other configurations of travelers will pass on your listing.

I’m sorry to be critical, but you said you’re looking for constructive criticism.

I know that place, it is a block away. Also, if you look, their listing has ZERO bedrooms, I have 2 full bedrooms with closets. It is a basement type place with a tiny kitchenette, mine has a large fully equipped kitchen. Bicycle storage is below the deck, the bikes just cannot come on the deck up a full flight of stairs as there has been damage before. And frankly, I have had 4 adults more than once this year and at the same time have learned that I definitely do not want kids here. Plus since this is my actual home (I am camping in the basement, using Air $$ to finish it off piecemeal), and I have allergies to animal dander, there are no pets allowed. Frankly, I think allowing animals is nuts.

I see what you are saying, but this particular comparison is close to apples and oranges. That studio (I’ve seen it) is like 350-400 square feet. This is close to 1,000 square feet. As I mentioned above, this is a large 2 bedroom apartment/house. The listings are not really similar. Even though the prices are. Thanks though and I will try to emphasize more what advantages my place has. I realize I am thinking of things I offer that they do not, including space.

Your listing is very nice. I’m sure much of what @EllenN mentioned is true.

Though I don’t know the market in your location, I suspect that part of the problem may also simply be the season. Most people are staying home to prepare for and deal with the two big holidays. And unless you have a big wintertime activity near your listing to draw the adventurous type, I would expect things to stay slow until the weather warms up again.

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Nothing is wrong except it is winter You live in the most northwestern city in the US. Nice place, but not exactly a Destination like Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, etc.

PS… announcing that you’re a retired Fed may not be a guest-bringer…


Hmmm… You, @KenH and @Chloe are both likely right, it is a slower season here as far as things to do, other than Ski. That’s a good 45-60 minute drive up to the ski area anyhow. AFter the completely booked summer season, I guess I am spoiled!

Ken, I was thinking the retired fed thing (very true, 23 years in the Border Patrol) might be reassuring, but maybe you have a point. Did some editing last night and will return shortly to my page and do some more.

I admit also, @EllenN has a point about kids, but being in the basement “camping out”, and that is not done, (6 years into the remodel project, 2-3 to go), UI found I could not stand the amount of running and jumping, and noise that kids brought with them. That’s admittedly a drawback for me, but around here a fair amount of places are also “not kid-friendly”.

Biggest loss also, here lately, was 3 different people backed out because I do not do third-party bookings. I do not understand why so many folks think they can rent a person’s house then send whoever they want to stay there. But that is a different rant, tied in to the GNR (Guests Never Read) problem.

Ok, thanks to all who have written so far. This, and many other threads are helping a lot!

I think the place offers a good value but as Ken said, it’s winter and especially slow now between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Your place is too big for a single person coming for work or an internship unless you are willing to lower your price, thinking half an apple is better than none. You state you might allow one well behaved child, maybe you should try kids over 12. You may also have to resign yourself to only making money seasonally, like @konacoconutz in HI.

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Yup… After a few seasons, you will see the pattern. For most people in the world, there is a big seasonal slowdown. Unless you are in the tropics. Then it’s the busy season.

As we are in a city, we have still companies that are booking our place but of course we need to adapt much lower price…

You’re doing a beautiful job with your home! It really looks super. You are right to avoid kids if you can’t take the noise. We just had a very, very loud 2 year old staying with us for 5 nights and it was not easy!!

Yes, riding the wave of bookings is one of the toughest parts of hosting. It’s odd how it can be so, so, so dead. But you’re doing a lot of great things and have great reviews; hang in there.

I found your opening paragraph to be a bit muddled. It didn’t grab be as a shopper. For instance, telling me that you’ll show me how to use the bbq uses up very valuable sales time. When I shop for listings I need to know two things right away - where will I sleep, and where will I pee. Especially as you are marketing to groups of adults two bedrooms is the key word.

You may want to try something like this:

Welcome! This comfortable two-bedroom classic home has been loving restored. It is perfect for visiting (list what is close to you). You will have the entire first floor of the home, and I am just one floor below to help you with anything. Each bedroom has (size) bed. House has a fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable living room with (x") TV, (games, roku?) private bath with large shower, and a shared deck and bbq.

Or, use the list format to make it easier to read (lol not that they will)

Welcome! This comfortable two-bedroom classic home has been loving restored and is your retreat in (town). You will have complete privacy, yet I’m just downstairs should you need anything.

2 bedrooms, each with queen bed
private bath with large (luxury?) shower
fully equipped kitchen
comfortable living room with (x") tv and (games? Roku?)
Shared outside deck and bbq
Friendly host living just downstairs

What is going to sell your location? Are you friendly and helpful? Do sell that. That nice tv and living room looks like a nice selling point to me. You may consider adding a place for one more person to sleep as once you take over 4 guests you pull away from the competition. You may not want that many people, and that’s fine - it’s just a suggestion.

Good luck!!


Federal Agent? Sounds like someone that may have worked for the IRS and still has buddies there! :rolling_eyes:
Why called it the Superman House? Maybe something more descriptive be better.
Perhaps make cost of extra people $10, comes across more ‘real’.
Yes, eliminate the BBQ line, as is, it sounds complicated (and dangerous). :wink:

Many here are fans of deposits, they always tend to spook me, but that’s just me.

Having said all that: yes, it is winter, and between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The place does look sharp.

I think your price is reasonable.Maybe its too cold now? I am in southern Califronia and I am getting a lot of Oregon and Washington people seeking warmer weather…

Wow! Thanks! This is SUPER helpful and this evening I will re-do a lot of the thing and heavily use your suggestions. The writing up of the listing has evolved so many times and I do keep tweaking it. Just today realized I needed to put a thing in the house manual about the on-demand hot water thing.

Dribs and dabs and on it goes. I truly appreciate the help and the compliments.

I am thinking that the seasonal thing might be affecting me as well so must be patient! Coming up on my one year anniversary as a host so just finishing the first cycle.


Thanks for the ideas. I am gonna eliminate the federal agent thing as more than one person has brought it up. The Superman House is because of the colors as well as some of the interior Superman decorations (Those don’t show much in the photos)

I am coming to agree that the season is part of the reason! (Haha!)

I will be updating this evening when I can sit down at the computer and really tear into this. I do thank you for the time you took to look and help!