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What is the seasonality in NY/NJ for Airbnb


I am a first year Airbnb host and have not gone through a full year cycle yet. I started in May and through end of October it was great and all of a sudden November plummeted by 67% $ earnings. I understand this is due to seasonality as we go into the winter and holiday season. What month will things pick up and why? Please HELP.


Short… didn’t we already give you a bunch of very good answers about this on another thread? Why are you asking this question again?


I like to take ambiguity out of anything. Your response seals it. Got it! Thanks again for your insights.


Really, Short… I know the drop off is alarming, :slight_smile: but you will soon be able to tell when your high and low seasons start.

And as I suggested, try listing it on a number of different platforms. You can sync all the calendars so there won’t be a double booking.

Heck, I’ve even been known to throw mine on Craigslist when I get really desperate! I demand payment in full from Craigslist customers though so there can be no shenanigans… Or I tell them to look for me on AIR.

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