What is the new "Jonathan is recommended by 4 hosts." title?

It’s located in the inbox when you’re messaging with a guest, on the left side. I was thinking it’s the reviews but it looks like it says 4 reviews and 4 recommendations.

Only think I can think of is that Airbnb shows the amount of reviews towards the amount of hosts who actually recommended the guest…

Do you see it as well?

Nope :slight_smile:

Do you mean this?

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I’ve been seeing this for a while now. If you use Instant Book you also get to see the guest star ratings. It’s useful to know what to expect.

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Yes! This is exactly it.

Like @Magwitch says, you see this when you allow Instant Booking. It’s to help the host feel more (or less) comfortable about a guest who’s instant booked.

Impossible. I don’t have (and never did) Instant Booking and I see it.

In that case, it’s probably now extended to non-IB cases as well.