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What is the most effective media center setup?

We’re about to list our place on Airbnb. All the details are covered except the media center. I can;t figure out a good TV setup that is easy to use without using three different remotes.

My goal is to avoid paying for a cable subscription and just offer netflix. Anyone figure out how to do this using only one remote?

Yeah there are a couple of solutions out there.

One is the Roku stick. (https://www.roku.com/)
Another one is an older xbox 360/PS3 (or xbox 1).

We use Chromecast and loaded a bunch of movies onto a Plex server, but that’s more advanced.

Any new smart TV should be able to be configured with one remote. Many have built in apps for Netflix and other streaming services, so the one remote that comes with it is all you need. Plus, I’m sure a lot of these TVs are on sale right now.

Sure, this makes sense. Buy a new TV. I guess I was looking for experienced hosts on this forum to share the setup they use.

Are you guys the only two people who post in this forum?

Might be. For all the views these posts get not a lot of comments! :frowning:

We also like to recommend an Apple TV (similar to Roku, but with more options). They work great in small spaces and also help you skip the costs of cable. But the homes we manage are all different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

@Gibby here is the Plex product that I use https://plex.tv/

And yes this site is only a few months old so there are more viewers than posters right now =0

I have Cable boxes on each listing, with HBO, Showtime and all the channels. But only because I don’t pay for it. Long story, not stealing it :slight_smile: If I was paying I would probably offer netflix, roku or apple tv…

Most definitely a Chromecast is the simplest, one of the cheapest ($35), and very effective.

With a Chromecast you can buy any TV that has an HDMI port (so you needn’t buy a more expensive “smart TV” and have to debate which brand to buy). What’s also great is that it works with apps that guests are probably already familiar with (e.g. YouTube, Netflix), and across iOS and Android. Finally, for those unfamiliar, a URL to the instructions on how to use one is displayed on the TV screen (www.chromecast.com/learn). The only downside is that it requires a constant internet connection, but that shouldn’t be a problem for most hosts.

I bought one for my father, who is in his 60s, and he got it up and running and was casting videos from his iPad to the TV very quickly. There are even games that can be played on Chromecast (e.g. Monopoly Dash, Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity). You use your phones to control and interact with the game on the screen, and again some of these work across Android and iOS.

Recently I put a smart TV in and let them log in to my Netflix account as a guest. If they want to use HULU or Amazon Prime, they likely have their own accounts they can log in on. They are allowed Wi-Fi, and 1 remote is awesome! Thanks for starting the feed.

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