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What is the best way to make sure your guests have switched off the central heating and lights if you are away?

Since I’ll be away for a few months I was wondering what is the best devise available to buy in the UK to make sure that central heating, lights and gas have been switched off when your guests leave?

Thank you very much!


Yeah, I was just going to say get a neighbour you trust to go in and check that everything is okay. That’s not always possible of course, but we’ve always had good luck that way - and not just for Air purposes, but for anytime we’ve been away. With the Air rental, you might want to have the neighbour greet the guests and and spot check on any of the longer stays.

I did hear of one time that approach failed. The basement flooded, which the neighbour discovered. But thru some sort of bizarre reasoning, they decided they didn’t want to wreck their friends’ vacation, so they called them and said a window had broken (or something trivial like that). I believe the friendship ended once the people returned.

What about your housekeeper?

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