What is the best king sized bed to buy?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the best bed to buy but I figured I would come here to ask. I personally like an extreme soft bed but I know guests won’t like that. My husband likes it firm so we bought a sleep number for us. We love it!

I think if we bought one of those it would be too expensive and people would most likely mess it up. I’ve been reading to get a medium firm bed.

What are your thoughts?

Depends what country you are in, budget and target market @RossLee

This has been covered here quite a few times so worth using the search function.

Great! I will search right now. I am in the US, BTW.

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One of our Airbnb beds has an older firm mattress on it, with a bit of sag. The other one has a medium-age softer mattress. People hated them both! So we bought high-end, cooling Memory Foam toppers. Now people say that both our beds are the most comfortable they’ve ever slept on.

Even people who have slept in both of our rooms say the same thing about both beds.

If you buy Memory Foam anything, make sure it says “cooling.” Otherwise, Memory Foam can become very warm—uncomfortably warm for most people.


I have been looking at Nectar or Puffy. I have seen others recommend Tuft and Needle too.

I did a ton of research before buying our mattresses. We ended up with Tuft & Needle because they were rated the highest for the most types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, hot, cold, restless, etc) and most bed activities (sleeping alone, sleeping with another, sex, sitting on the edge, sitting up to read, etc). They have worked out very well and most of our reviews specifically mention the comfortable beds. We got a king-size for ourselves about 6 months ago and it’s my favorite mattress that I’ve had.

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Long ago, on a forum far, far away…

Tuft and Needle gave away mattresses to a number of forum members here. Along came Nest Bedding (not related to Nest smart devices) and gave away more mattresses to superhosts. I also bought a Nectar for myself. So here’s my brief reviews: No on Tuft and Needle. No on Nectar until I called them to come pick it up and they offered me a free cooling gel foam mattress topper. Now I like my Nectar very much but obviously what I really like is the toppper. Yes on the Nest Bedding without topper. I’ve slept on all three of the mattresses personally and I like Nest the best but it’s the most expensive. The Nest (and I’ve had 2 for the Airbnb room, the free one and then I bought one when I upgraded from full to queen) has had rave reviews from 100s of people.

I think new mattresses are like new vacuums. New ones are always far superior to old ones. I also think for an Airbnb room the topper is great. It makes the bed more comfy, it can be removed if a guest complains the first night and it protect the mattress from getting stained. On my bed with multiple dogs I have a fitted sheet over my mattress, the foam topper, a padded mattress pad but not waterproof and then another fitted sheet. I don’t like the waterproof mattress toppers for myself.

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Oh, but wouldn’t that be fun? :wink:

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I found this to be a good resource when I was shopping for mattresses and pillows.


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I wish they were still giving them away. lol

So I should order a Nectar and complain so I can get a topper? HA!

Yeah, the good old days. I have no idea how many members got one…or more. It was that sweet spot when Airbnb was well enough known that it seemed like a good idea for product placement but before it was so well known that choosing hosts to get one would be a nightmare.

Gosh, I hate to say that but it seems that’s the way to do it. Nectar also had (at the time I ordered) a one year warranty so it could be tried out by a large sample of guests over all four seasons.

I’ve looked into Nectar and it’s now on top of my list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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