What INSURANCE do you use? Also, coverage for a dock?

We are purchasing a home to use for short term rental purposes, but are having difficulty finding insurance that covers what you ACTUALLY would want covered in an airbnb, like content damages and theft, etc… as well as the big stuff (liability, contents, dwelling.) Who are you using for your insurance that you are happy, or not happy with, and why?

Also, this home is on the lake and we can’t find anyone to insure the dock. Does anyone know of insurance that covers the physical dock in case of damage?

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Really depends on which country you are in. If nothing comes up via Google searches speak to a local insurance broker @Leylou

We have a business policy with American Family, they offered dock coverage. I turned it down as our dock is not very expensive.

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Our dock is the responsibility of the HOA so not included as part of our STR insurance.

I am in California and use CBIZ


We ended up having to form an LLC and assign the house to it. Then we got a rental policy with personal liability coverage to include our bridges on the property. We never found a residential policy that would cover it. Good news is the LLC helps with the Trump interest caps too.

I’m in NC and use Proper, with Lloyd’s of London as their backer (if that is the right word?)

underwriter :slight_smile: @LCL

We just purchased a policy through Traveler’s Insurance. Our agent found it for us and it is specific to STR. Our Airbnb is on a lake, too, and we have a dock, which is covered in the policy. We also carry a $5 million umbrella because of possible lake-related disasters, such as someone trying to sue us for getting hurt on the lake. They will come out and inspect your property and ensure you have the necessary precautions, such as a “Swim at Your Own Risk” sign prominently displayed, a throwable life-saving device, etc. We’ve not filed any claims so I can’t say how good they are to deal with but I will say it was $400 cheaper annually than the insurance we had when it was not STR.

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This is great news. Wow.