What in the Maury Povich is happening with the website?

I see a list of topics

I click on one

An ad comes up

I click ‘close’ on the ad

I get sent to a page listing various topics (which do not 'click through"

I click on the green house symbol

I get sent back to the main page I started with

NOW, the topic is clickable and readable.

This is the very definition of a bad internet experience.

Please advise the forum gods that they need a better IT person.


Software “upgrades” always seem to result in “downgrades”. Not sure why software folks think they have to mess with stuff that works perfectly fine.

I never have ads pop up on this site, though.

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My immediate ‘fix’ is to have pop up blockers engaged. But geez, …

I can understand that the site owners want to monetise the site and think that the best way to do that is with ads.

After all, they have provided this FREE facility for us for many years.

But ads are a double-edged sword. They deter people from coming to the site so that reduces the ad revenue which is based on traffic. Ads decrease traffic. They also slow things down and cause other user problems.

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Four pop up ads this a.m., one oops then an ad blocking the reply on the message I’m typing, message disappeared, started over.

I hope the owners, who have graciously paid for this forum for years, start making some money. I have already been cutting back on forum time and the ads and glitchiness doesn’t encourage me to change that. I’ve also been fielding complaints about the forum for years now, for free. Blegh.


I don’t blame you after all the time you’ve put in and adding this glitch to the mix would greatly diminish my enthusiasm.

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I spoke too soon- am now getting pop-up ads.

I guess the forum owners get some $ every time an ad appears to a user? If so, I really don’t mind that- I appreciate that people can’t do things for free.
But I never buy anything from any ads, or click on them, so in that sense it wouldn’t help anyone.

They are called PPV ads - pay-per-view. The site generates revenue because of how many times the ads are seen.It doesn’t matter if no one clicks on the ads (or buys anything from them).

That’s why there are all those sites where you have to click ‘next’ to see the next article or photogragh - eyeballs.

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Thanks for confirming. There are a few news and opinion sites I follow where ad also pop up. I realize that if one is going to access content for free, the site owners can’t be expected to work for nothing.

Unlike we mods.



I’m totally fine for ads. It’s just when I’m on my MacBook they are not implemented correctly.

Hey all, apologies for the less than ideal user experience. We’re trying out some new ad software and they said it wouldn’t be invasive or terrible but clearly that’s not true. We’re going to contact them and make adjustments to ensure that it’s not affecting people’s experience on the forum.

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out :pray:.


Any update? It’s been a week now since members started seeing strange things happening?

I’ve never seen an ad while browsing this forum.

You just need to use an adblocker like UBlock Origin, or try setting up your network to use an ad blocking DNS such as Adblock or CloudFlare.

It is dependent on your browser and 'puter. I have Adblock turned on on my MacBook Pro running Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and the issue is there on all browsers.

The problem is that the folks who set up the advert system for the forum sold the forum owners a buggy system, that everyone has issues with (or everyone except you so far lol) and will ultimately make this forum unusable or at least a place of ‘last resort’ instead of the primary source of info and camaraderie for airbnb hosts.

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They don’t if they’re tested and implemented properly (which this one obviously hasn’t been).

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Yes, it’s true, I’ve never seen an ad on this forum lol.

At the risk of repeating myself …

Use UBlock Origin if you can. I’d avoid Adblock, I believe that advertisers can pay to be removed from their block lists.

If you have access to your router or computer network settings pair that with an adblocking DNS. Try googling “Adguard DNS” and you’ll see what I mean.

Have you considered reverting the changes to the ad software until you figure out what’s going on?

Do you have a test or non-prod instance of the forum you can do this on, or is it normal for you to deploy changes that could negatively impact your users direct to prod?