What have you learned from the forum?

I saw a similar topic on another forum I am active with (backyard chickens dot com) and I thought it would be a great topic for here as well. I am so grateful I found this forum early on. I have learned sooo much from all of you so here goes in no particular order. I am sure I will forget some stuff.
Most of this I learned from here, some of it I figured out on my own.

Cameras (disclosed, outdoor) are a hosts best friend.

Most of the time guests are fine, the worry is not worth it.

Be firm with your rules, guests are like kids they need firm boundaries.

Do not worry about the review when dealing with guests, the entitled guests who the world revolves around often do not review anyway (in my limited experience with less than stellar guests)

Review guests honestly the day they leave so you remember who you are reviewing.

If you are pissed off, breathe, write a draft review and post it here for feedback before hitting submit.

If you expect a less than 5 star review hold that review until last minute, 14 days from the time you get the email prompting review as not to prompt them.

Hot water sets stains, always wash in cold.

Hydrogen peroxide cleans blood.

White sheets and towels.

No microfiber sheets.

Hang out laundry to dry if you can so you can look for spots that need more treatment.

Look for hairs and spots as you strip the beds, use a lint roller for hairs.

Microfiber towels for cleaning.

Use attachments on vacuum for getting hairs from shower and toilet before cleaning.

Lint roller and flashlight in hand on final walk through to grab errant dirt or hairs.

Keep the rules simple, do not overdo it it is off putting to guests.

Call out important rule violations in real time directly with guest.

Do not expect anything from AirBnb outside collecting the payments, manage your own business.

Do not undervalue yourself or your listing.

Turn off price tips and do not compete in the race to the bottom.

Ignore the trolls, it drives them nuts:)

I sure love my kettle, heats the water right up!

I am sure I missed some stuff, what have you learned from this forum?



Fantastic list! (Especially the bit about the kettle) :slight_smile:

To me, any new or newish host should spend several days reading every single post here. I did when I first started using Airbnb.

Having been in this business for many years before I joined Airbnb, I thought I knew everything there was to know but reading the forum, I soon realised that you can’t just dive straight into Airbnb, even if you’ve been doing STR for years.

Airbnb is very different.

Even for people who think they are experienced, there’s so much to learn. There’s some nonsense written here too of course but after a while, readers can sort out the wheat from the chaff. (Who for example remembers the lady who used fine antique lace linen on her guests’ beds? Or the bloke who wouldn’t host fat people?)

In those few days reading the forum I found out so much and I’m still learning.

So congratulations to all members here for producing this ‘online Airbnb university’ :slight_smile:


The first one was just leaving as I got to the forum but I vaguely remember. Was she one of the Sandy somethings who then became anonymous123545 or something?

That guy also wouldn’t host pregnant women.

What I learned:

Use a duvet cover or several light layers so everything can be washed. American comforters (basically a duvet with the cover quilted onto it) are a no.

White linens rather than colors for my rental.

Take the best and leave the rest.

“Heads in beds” is superior to whatever imagined problems are in my head.

It’s not that hard to get 5 star reviews, lots of hosts here do it regularly.


The three friends above my reply really hit all the nails on their heads!
I am grateful all the knowledge, craziness and … on this forum, it contributed greatly to our success. Besos!!!

I would add professional photography is a must for certain higher end locations, and antiques and unique things/ components add value!


Don’t ask a question, or seek help, then get pissed because the answers you get don’t align with the answers you wanted to hear.



Not exactly on topic, but one thing I’ve learned is that the software used for this forum is really well designed- it’s so much more user friendly and straightforward than other online forums I’ve used. And it isn’t plagued with tech glitches, either.


Yes to so much of the list, but not undervaluing is the big one I learned here. I needed it drilled in; had to read it a few times before it hit home that this meant my listing, too.
I learned to be firmer.
I already knew that there is no Airbnb Trust and Safety SUV that screeches in from around the corner full of no-nonsense agents to break up parties and interrogate toilet paper thieves, but it’s fun to picture, so it’s sad when yet another new host comes to that realisation thanks to you lot.


That’s ok:)

I have also learned that topics rarely stay on topic!



Yeah? By the way, did I mention how well our lemon tree is doing this year…




I’ve learned to use the search function before posting.


I’ve learned that on this forum there is no such thing as “on topic.” And if you ask people to stay on topic they will ask you to see yourself out the door. :rofl:

edited after scrolling down and reading: River Rock and I had the exact same thought.


So true, the idea that all one needs to do is call air and somehow they will help them is just odd. I do get it that if I ever have to take things into my own hands and eject someone that I will be putting my payment in jeopardy at the least and my host status at the worse. They do like to shut down now and (not) ask questions later.

If I am ever in a situation where I have to eject someone the plan is to try and keep air in the loop in real time to the extent possible and cover my arse the best I can.



No, that’s bad advice. I find it both entertaining and amusing when this happens - don’t spoil my fun :grinning: , especially when a someone new to the forum dismisses consistent advice from several experienced hosts! And then gets in a strop before disappearing


Don’t forget about the ones whose very first post tells us what we are and aren’t allowed to discuss and lectures us as to what this forum is for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Newbies need guidance.

Some people who regularly post aren’t very welcoming to newbies and provide beat downs instead of guidance

Btw karma is a bitch. With that said 4-5 people are getting more hostile towards others. I thought we were moving to a kinder gentler site.

Peace out


No one likes an askhole.


We can all do better with this, otherwise we will just have ourselves to talk to.



was what I said. I wasn’t referring to us being welcoming or not.(I agree, we should endeavor not to be harsh to new posters unless they do the above or try to couch themselves trying to sell something as ‘help’), I was referring to those who tell us we aren’t allowed to discuss politics, or anything else that doesn’t directly relate to hosting.

I remember my first post here and I was shot down so fast and hard that I didn’t come back for a year. In that time I still read read read.

Its funny to read that old thread “fancy destination type listing” though I did garner a few supporters, it felt like they were a small minority at the time. I’m so glad I shut the you’alls out right then and persevered.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? :wink: