What happens to my rating if I delete a listing?

What happens to my overall rating if I delete a property? Will the ratings and reviews from that listing still be taken into account?

Yes, they are linked to your account, not to the listing.

Yes, it will say you have xx reviews for another property. They won’t be combined. For example 29 reviews for the active property and 125 for the former listing.

I want to start over with my listing. Can I erase my previous reviews and ratings? I ask because despite good reviews, my ratings are now 64% 5 stars, and 4.5 . My most recent guest must have marked me down, she couldn’t find dishrack in cupboard under sink, she wrote a positive review, the dishrack was in private feedback.

I had 69% at 4.7. I need to rewrite my description and start attracting people who aren’t jerks,

You cannot erase your previous reviews and ratings, unless you create a different account in your name, which itself would contravene Airbnb terms.

Why don’t you set up a new listing with a brand new wording and a different presentation and try and get a few good reviews there and then phase out (unlist) the old one. (I’m assuming this doesn’t break the T&C, someone correct me if I’m wrong!)

I’ve done something similar but different. My dad & I have condos in the same beach neighborhood so I listed them as a two condo combo in addition to listing them separately. The combo listing was not a good idea so I’ve snoozed it until January 2018 (not deleted). The reviews continue to appear under my profile and are included in my review statistics.

Would snoozing your original listing meet the need? I don’t think there is a time limit on snoozing but you do have to go into Airbnb & extend your snooze periodically.