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What happens if a guests car is stolen?

Woke up to find guests car missing from driveway but all house doors still locked from inside. I’m hoping he just parked somewhere else for some strange reason, but won’t know until he wakes up. But it has me wondering, what happens if my guests car gets stolen? I live in an apartment complex, but have a driveway. When guests register on Airbnb are there legal terms and conditions that they are totally responsible for anything happening to their own car?

If the guests car is stolen, it’s up to the guest to do whatever they’d do if it was stolen from outside their own home I would assume. You can’t have responsibility for their car any more then a hotel would.

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Guest finally woke up. After gauging his mood I posed the question : so, where did you last see your car? Turns out he had parked in a lot down the street due to an oil leak, so as to not soil my driveway.

omg that’s an environmental hazard!!

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Well, that does it. There’s a video to go with the story. That’s just too much!

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