What Happened to the Florida Group?

The whole website has been re-arranged in some strange way in the last two weeks… What happened? New ‘management’? It was nice to associate with folks in my own State…

Hello stranger. Haven’t seen “Ft. Meyers in the house” in a while. Howdy from Apollo Beach/South Shore/Tampa South

Hey SailLady! Life’s been weird. We had to shut ourselves down for awhile because my pratner caught the Covid and I nursed her… Never yet got it myself…

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I’m sorry to hear that she was ill but she’s lucky to have had you there for her! My daughter has yet to get it - super immune?

My homeshare is on hold as I have my daughter’s friends from Hudson living with me since Idalia and they’re my tenants now…

We were closed for all of Lockdown. The last year Hurricane Irma center-punched Fort Myers. We had almost no damage, but friends lost the contents and interior of their house on the river to a 5 ft storm surge. So they stayed in our Cabana for 7 months while they rebuilt the inside.

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Last year we did a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to the west coast of Florida.

I looked. for your place Ken, but it must have been during a time you were closed. (And by the way, for anyone looking for a great Florida road trip I recommend the West coast.) I wanted you to make me beans on toast for breakfast as promised here at the forum many years ago. :slight_smile:

All the best to you both.