What guests see after booking

Does anyone have current screenshots of what guests see after they book? It’s tricky to parse from different things I’ve read from AirBnB.

A guest wants to know the street address for her trip here next week… I thought that was available to her after she books. What’s the step-by-step for guests to find that as well as other information I added to the listing.

Can anyone tell me what guests see when? I’ve set up 3 automatic messages: after booking, 10 days before arrival, and checkout.


Guests recieve the address as soon as their booking is confirmed unless you have checked the setting option where they only receive it after your free cancellation period is over. I think some guests just don’t bother to look before they ask.

Thanks, Muddy. Do they receive it in the booking confirmation email?

I believe so, but I’ve never been a guest, so I couldn’t say for sure.