What guests can do with their luggage at an early check out

On the day of check-out of a guest in the morning hours and on “turn over days” (one guest leaves and another comes in) we can not always offer to our guest that they can leave their luggage with us until the new guests arrives.
In Florida there is a Luggage Service Company Called “Bagboys Miami” which guests can use for their luggage. They provide pick up, storage and drop off, according to guests feedback.
Just an idea to share out there.

No service like that on the Gulf Coast! Must be a Miami thing! We never let anyone drop off bags early or leave hem for hours after they check out. We’re not their Mama; if they don’t want to hang on to their bag its not our problem.

I’d do this if it was a room share: someone leaving their stuff in my room for a bit is no skin off my nose, and it’s effort that is likely to be much appreciated by the guest.

I’d love to do this in my whole house rental but sadly, there’s no safeguarded area aside from the space being prepared for the next guest (and the one who may come well before the old guests get their stuff).

I love that there’s a bag-holding service. I’ve been so grateful when hotels hold on to my luggage after check-out, especially if I don’t have a rental car and my flight doesn’t leave until the evening.

Hi @Minon

Not a big issue where I live - there are lots of left luggage places.

Lots of left luggage services in London too. I think all hosts can do is research their local area in order to make recommendations when guests inevitably ask what to do about luggage.

I’m not sure exactly why you are not able to hold luggage for guests on your turn over days. Is it because you don’t have the space? or are the keys handed off to the new guests? some other reason?

Simple I don’t want to be at the beck and call of a guest returning for their luggage and they are not having a key/access to my property once they have checked out.

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Yeah, I can understand that. I offer to keep luggage for people and I’ve only been taken up on the offer a couple of times really.

I also use a keyless entry system which makes is super easy for guests to retrieve their bags without me having to be around.

I wrote up a post about keyless entry for hosts. I didn’t mention the bag drop off / pick up scenario, but there are lots of great reasons to have a keyless entry system.

Dcros9999 - that key less lock is a fantastic idea.

I brought up the topic because of personal experience and other hostesses and guests bringing it up at times in a conversation. I like to hear from guests of their past experiences.

Personally I’m flexible with guests check-in and check-out time when it’s possible.

When you’ve checked out from a hotel in the past and left your bags there. You still had to come back and get them.
If the leaving guest is using that service (luggage service) they don’t need to come back (while I’ve got my Mrs. Doubtfire going with cleaning gear and blasting music).

I guess it is a convenience factor for the guest leaving. They can go and explore your city, town, what have you and don’t have to worry about their luggage.

I compare it to when you come off a cruise in the early morning hours and your flight back home is not until the evening. Cruise lines doesn’t offer storage service so people have to drag their luggage with them where ever they decide to go in the mean time.

Anyways, I heard about it and thought, why not share it here.

May you all have a blessed day.

I wish there was a luggage service like that in San Francisco. Lots of my guests want to drop off their luggage before check-in, or leave it late when they’re departing. It’s a big pain for my cleaner, since most days we have tight turnaround.
I have many guests from ANZ and Asia and those flights are almost always redeyes. I recommend that guests arriving early contact me for a big discount on an extra day at the beginning of their stay, so they can check in as early as they want.
Incidentally, if you have a door that can’t use a keyless lock (for example, a gate in front of the door), you can use this: https://www.amazon.com/NU-SET-7010-3-Electronic-Storage-Lock/
You can’t change the code remotely but you can generate hundreds of codes that expire after a set time. I give a new code to each guest and they expire in 72 hours.

There are lockers at our local Union Station if they are taking the train.

We battled the idea of guests leaving luggage after they check out and ultimately… check out is upfront and they are able to view that BEFORE they book. We do not let guests leave luggage on our property after check out. I am done with those guest and probably booked up, therefore it’s unsafe for us to have multiple keys or key codes out to multiple guests. It’s also not fair for guests checking in to have to deal with others having access to their items.

TBH, this is a personal problem for them and after check out… I am done with those guests.

As I’ve already said I don’t want a guest having access to my home after they have checked out. End of.

Hi @wjquigs,

What discount do you offer? And what proportion of people take you up on the offer?

Nobody has asked yet, but I would give them 50% off the extra day. It would make it much easier for my cleaner, too.

Hmm, that’s a big hit income-wise. I was trying to do something similar for a while, but people didn’t seem to be going for it, mostly. And I’m generally busy enough that it wasn’t buying me much.

Are you not very busy, then, or prefer slightly longer stays? Or both?

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