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What does Airbnb do with private feedback in a review?

I just finished posting a (slightly lukewarm) review of guests who just left. There are a bunch of (relatively minor) negative things I could have said, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to seem petty, and in the larger scheme of things, there were not that big. I said in the review that I would host them again, and I meant it.

Now Airbnb presents one with the following:

Is there anything you would like to tell Airbnb about your experience hosting xxx’s group?

What does Airbnb do with this information, and what kind of things are they expecting you to write? And what is the point of writing it, from the reviewer’s point of view?

Guessing they do it for research.

Guessing that if this guest has a bunch of hosts reporting them it may help Air build a case against them in case they had to suspend them or something.

You’re probably right.

I was guessing that the Air-peeps all sit around after work with a glass of vino and laugh at the private comments.

It probably comes into consideration if a formal complaint is filed against a guest to see if others observed some activity, but didn’t reach for the phone.

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